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Geographic overview
Мир The surface of the earth is approximately 70.9% water и 29.1% land. The former portion is divided into large water bodies termed oceans. The Мир Factbook recognizes и describes five oceans, which are in decreasing order of size: the Тихий океан, Атлантический океан, Индийский океан, Южный океан, и Артический океан. The land portion is generally divided into several, large, discrete landmasses termed continents. Depending on the convention used, the number of continents can vary from five to seven. The most common classification recognizes seven, which are (from largest to smallest): Азия, Africa, Северная Америка, South America, Антарктика, Europe, и Австралия. Азия и Europe are sometimes lumped together into a Eurasian continent resulting in six continents. Alternatively, Северный и South America are sometimes grouped as simply the Americas, resulting in a continent total of six (или five, if the Eurasia designation is used). Северная Америка is commonly understood to include the island Гренландии, the isles of the Caribbean, и to extend юг all the way to the Isthmus Панамы. The easternmost extent of Europe is generally defined as being the Ural Mountains и the Ural River; on the southeast the Caspian Sea; и on the юг the Caucasus Mountains, the Черное море, и the Mediterranean. Africa's northeast extremity is frequently delimited at the Isthmus of Suez, but for geopolitical purposes, the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula is often included as part Africa. Азия usually incorporates all the islands of the Филиппины, Малазия, и Индонeзия. The islands of the Pacific are often lumped with Австралия into a "land mass" termed Oceania или Australasia. Although the above groupings are the most common, different continental dispositions are recognized или taught in certain parts of the world, with some arrangements more heavily based on cultural spheres rather than physical geographic considerations.

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