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  Список стран- Рода войск

Рода войск
Афганистан Afghan Armed Forces: Afghan National Army (ANA, включая Afghan National Army Air Corps) (2008)
Албания Land Forces Command (Army), Naval Forces Command, Air Defense Command, General Staff Headquarters (включая Logistics Command, Training и Doctrine Command) (2007)
Алжир National Popular Army (ANP; включая Land Forces), Algerian National Navy (MRA), Air Force (QJJ), Territorial Air Defense Force (2005)
Андорра no regular military forces, Police Service Андорры
Ангола Angolan Armed Forces (FAA): Army, Navy (Marinha de Guerra, MdG), Angolan National Air Force (FANA) (2007)
Антигуа и Барбуда Royal Антигуа и Барбуда Defense Force (2007)
Аргентина Argentine Army (Ejercito Argentino), Navy of the Argentine Republic (Armada Republica; включая naval aviation и naval infantry), Argentine Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Аргентина, FAA) (2008)
Армения Armed Forces: Ground Forces, Nagorno-Karabakh Self Defense Force (NKSDF), Air Force и Air Defense (2008)
Аруба no regular indigenous military forces; the Нидерланды maintains a detachment of marines, a frigate, и an amphibious combat detachment in the neighboring Нидерландские Антильские о-ва (2008)
Австралия Australian Defense Force (ADF): Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, Special Operations Command (2006)
Австрия Land Forces (KdoLdSK), Air Forces (KdoLuSK)
Азербайджан Army, Navy, Air и Air Defense Forces (2008)
Багамские Острова, The Royal Bahamian Defense Force: Land Force, Navy, Air Wing (2007)
Бахрейн Бахрейн Defense Forces (BDF): Ground Force (включая Air Defense), Naval Force, Air Force, National Guard
Бангладеш Бангладеш Defense Force: Бангладеш Army, Бангладеш Navy, Бангладеш Air Force (Бангладеш Biman Bahini, BAF) (2008)
Барбадос Royal Барбадос Defense Force: Troops Command, Барбадос Coast Guard (2007)
Беларусь Беларусь Armed Forces: Land Force, Air и Air Defense Force (2008)
Бельгия Belgian Armed Forces: Land Operations Command, Naval Operations Command, Air Operations Command (2008)
Белиз Белиз Defense Force (BDF): Army, BDF Air Wing, BDF Volunteer Guard (2007)
Бенин Бенин Armed Forces (FAB): Army (l'Arme de Terre), Бенин Navy (Forces Navales Beninois, FNB), Бенин Люди's Air Force (Force Aerienne Populaire de Бенин, FAPB) (2008)
Бермуды Бермуды Regiment (2008)
Бутан Royal Бутан Army (включая Royal Bodyguard и Royal Бутан Police) (2008)
Боливия Bolivian Armed Forces: Bolivian Army (Ejercito Boliviano), Bolivian Navy (Armada Boliviana; включая marines), Bolivian Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Boliviana, FAB) (2008)
Босния и Герцеговина Босния и Герцеговина Armed Forces (OSBiH): Army Боснии и Герцеговины, Air и Air Defense Forces Боснии и Герцеговины (Zrakoplovstvo i Protuzracna Obrana, ZPO) (2007)
Ботсвана Ботсвана Defense Force (включая an air wing) (2008)
Бразилия Brazilian Army, Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil (MB), включая Naval Air и Marine Corps (Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais)), Brazilian Air Force (Forca Aerea Brasileira, FAB) (2008)
Бруней Royal Бруней Armed Forces (RBAF): Royal Бруней Land Forces, Royal Бруней Navy, Royal Бруней Air Force (Tentera Udara Diraja Бруней) (2008)
Болгария Bulgarian Armed Forces: Ground Forces, Naval Forces, Bulgarian Air Forces (Bulgarski Voennovazdyshni Sily, BVVS) (2008)
Буркина Фасо Army, Air Force Буркина Фасо (Force Aerienne de Буркина Фасо, FABF), National Gendarmerie (2008)
Мьянма Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw): Army, Navy, Air Force (Tatmadaw Lay) (2008)
Бурунди National Defense Force (Forces de Defense Nationales, FDN): Army (включая Naval Detachment и Air Wing), Gendarmerie (2008)
Камбоджа Royal Cambodian Armed Forces: Royal Cambodian Army, Royal Khmer Navy, Royal Cambodian Air Force (2008)
Камерун Камерун Armed Forces: Army, Navy (включая naval infantry), Air Force (Armee de l'Air du Cameroun, AAC) (2008)
Канада Canadian Forces: Land Forces Command (LFC), Maritime Command (MARCOM), Air Command (AIRCOM), Канада Command (homeland security) (2008)
Кабо-Верде Люди's Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARP): Army, Coast Guard (включая maritime air wing) (2007)
Каймановы Острoва no regular military forces; Royal Каймановы Острoва Police Force (2007)
Центральноафриканская Республика Central African Armed Forces (Forces Armees Centrafricaines, FACA): Ground Forces, General Directorate of Gendarmerie Inspection (DGIG), Армия Air Service, National Police (2008)
Чад Armed Forces: Chadian National Army (Armee Nationale du Tchad, ANT), Chadian Air Force (Force Aerienne Tchadienne, FAT), Gendarmerie (2008)
Чили Army of the Nation, Chilean Navy (Armada de Чили, включая naval air, marine corps, и Maritime Territory и Merchant Marine Directorate (Directemar)), Chilean Air Force (Fuerza Aerea de Чили, FACh), Carabineros Corps (Cuerpo de Carabineros) (2008)
Китай Люди's Liberation Army (PLA): Ground Forces, Navy (включая marines и naval aviation), Air Force (включая airborne forces), и Second Artillery Corps (strategic missile force); Люди's Armed Police (PAP); Reserve и Militia Forces (2008)
Колумбия National Army (Ejercito Nacional), National Navy (Armada Nacional, включая Naval Aviation, Naval Infantry (Infanteria de Marina, Colmar), и Coast Guard), Colombian Air Force (Fuerza Aerea de Колумбия, FAC) (2008)
Коморские Острова National Development Army (AND): Comoran Security Force; Comoran Federal Police (2008)
Congo, Democratic Республика the Armed Forces of the Democratic Республика the Congo (Forces d'Armees de la Republique Democratique du Congo, FARDC): Army, National Navy (La Marine Nationale), Congolese Air Force (Force Aerienne Congolaise, FAC) (2008)
Congo, Республика the Congolese Armed Forces (Forces Armees Congolaises, FAC): Army, Navy, Congolese Air Force (Armee de l'Air Congolaise), Gendarmerie, Special Presidential Security Guard (GSSP) (2008)
Острова Кука no regular military forces; National Police Department (2007)
Коста-Рика no regular military forces; Ministry of Public Security, Правление, и Police (2008)
Кот-д’Ивуар Кот-д’Ивуар Defense и Security Forces (FDSC): Army, Navy, Air Force (2006)
Хорватия Armed Forces of the Республика Хорватия (Oruzane Snage Republike Hrvatske, OSRH), consists of five major commands directly subordinate to a General Staff: Ground Forces (Hrvatska Kopnena Vojska, HKoV), Naval Forces (Hrvatska Ratna Mornarica, HRM), Air Force (Hrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovstvo, HRZ), Joint Education и Training Command, Logistics Command; Армия Police Force supports each of the three Croatian military forces (2008)
Куба Revolutionary Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, FAR): Revolutionary Army (ER; включая Territorial Militia Troops, MTT), Revolutionary Navy (Marina de Guerra Revolucionaria, MGR; включая Marine Corps), Revolutionary Air и Air Defense Force (DAAFAR), Youth Labor Army (EJT) (2008)
Кипр Республика Кипр: Greek Cypriot National Guard (Ethniki Forea, EF; включая air и naval elements); northern Кипр: Turkish Cypriot Security Force (GKK) (2007)
Чешская республика Army of the Чешская республика (ACR): Joint Forces Command (включая Army и Air Forces), Support и Training Forces Command (2008)
Дания Defense Command: Army Operational Command, Admiral Danish Fleet, Island Command Гренландия, Tactical Air Command, На главную Guard (2008)
Джибути Джибути National Army (включая Navy и Air Force)
Доминика no regular military forces; Commonwealth Доминики Police Force (включая Coast Guard) (2008)
Доминиканская республика Army, Navy, Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Dominicana, FAD) (2007)
Эквадор Army, Navy (включая Naval Infantry, Naval Aviation, Coast Guard), Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana, FAE) (2007)
Египет Army, Navy, Air Force, Air Defense Command
Сальвадор Salvadoran Army (ES), Salvadoran Navy (FNES), Salvadoran Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Salvadorena, FAS) (2008)
Экваториальная Гвинея National Guard (Guardia Nacional (Army), with Coast Guard (Navy) и Air Wing) (2008)
Эритрея Eritrean Armed Forces: Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force (2008)
Эстония Estonian Defense Forces: Land Force, Navy, Air Force (Eesti Ohuvagi), Volunteer Defense League (Kaitseliit, KL) (2008)
Эфиопия Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF): Ground Forces, Ethiopian Air Force (ETAF) (2008)
примечание: Эфиопия is landlocked и has no navy; following the secession Эритреи, Ethiopian naval facilities remained in Eritrean possession
Фолклендские ( Мальвинские) осторова no regular military forces
Фарерские Острова no regular military forces
Фиджи Республика Фиджи Армия Forces (RFMF): Land Forces, Naval Forces (2008)
Финляндия Finnish Defense Forces (FDF): Army, Navy (включая Coastal Defense Forces), Air Force (Suomen Ilmavoimat) (2007)
Франция Army (включая Marines, Foreign Legion, Army Light Aviation), Navy (Marine Nationale, включая Naval Air), Air Force (Armee de l'Air, включая air defense), National Gendarmerie (2008)
Французская Полинезия no regular military forces; Gendarmerie и National Police Force (2007)
Габон Army, Navy, Air Force, National Gendarmerie, National Police
Гамбия Office of the Chief of Defense: Gambian National Army (National Guard, GNA), Gambian Navy (GN) (2008)
Сектор Газa in accordance with the peace agreement, the Palestinian Authority is not permitted conventional military forces; there are, however, public security forces (2008)
Грузия Georgian Armed Forces: Land Forces, Navy, Air и Air Defense Forces, National Guard (2008)
Германия Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr): Army (Heer), Navy (Deutsche Marine, включая naval air arm), Air Force (Luftwaffe), Central Medical Service (Zentraler Sanitaetsdienst) (2008)
Гана Ghanaian Army, Ghanaian Navy, Ghanaian Air Force (2007)
Гибралтар: заморская территория Великобритании Royal Гибралтар: заморская территория Великобритании Regiment
Греция Hellenic Army (Ellinikos Stratos, ES), Hellenic Navy (Ellinikos Polemiko Navtiko, EPN), Hellenic Air Force (Elliniki Polimiki Aeroporia, EPA) (2007)
Гренландия no regular military forces
Гренада no regular military forces; Royal Гренада Police Force (включая Coast Guard) (2007)
Гватемала Army, Navy (включая Marines), Air Force
Гвинея Armed Forces: Army, Navy (Marine Guineenne, включая Marines), Air Force, Presidential Guard (2008)
Гвинея-Бисау Люди's Revolutionary Armed Force (FARP): Army, Navy, Air Force; paramilitary force
Гвиана Гвиана Defense Force: Army (включая Coast Guard, Air Corps) (2007)
Гаити no regular military forces - small Coast Guard; the regular Haitian Armed Forces (FAdH) - Army, Navy, и Air Force - have been demobilized but still exist on paper unless they are constitutionally abolished (2007)
Ватикан Pontifical Swiss Guard (Corpo della Guardia Svizzera Pontificia) (2007)
Гондурас Army, Navy (включая Naval Infantry), Honduran Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Hondurena, FAH) (2008)
Гонконг no regular indigenous military forces; Гонконг garrison Китая's Люди's Liberation Army (PLA) включая elements of the PLA Ground Forces, PLA Navy, и PLA Air Force; these forces are under the direct leadership of the Central Армия Commission in Beijing и under administrative control of the adjacent Guangzhou Армия Region (2007)
Венгрия Ground Forces, Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Legiero, ML) (2008)
Исландия no regular military forces; Icelandic National Police (2008)
Индия Army, Navy (включая naval air arm), Air Force (Bharatiya Vayu Sena), Coast Guard (2008)
Индонeзия Indonesian Armed Forces (Tentara Nasional Индонeзия, TNI): Army (TNI-Angkatan Darat (TNI-AD)), Navy (TNI-Angkatan Laut (TNI-AL); включая marines, naval air arm), Air Force (TNI-Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU)), National Air Defense Command (Kommando Pertahanan Udara Nasional (Kohanudnas)) (2008)
Иран Islamic Республика Иран Regular Forces (Artesh): Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force of the Армия of the Islamic Республика Иран (Niru-ye Hava'i-ye Artesh-e Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Иран; включая air defense); Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enqelab-e Eslami, IRGC): Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force, Qods Force (special operations), и Basij Force (Popular Mobilization Army); Law Enforcement Forces (2008)
Ирак Iraqi Armed Forces: Iraqi Army (включая Iraqi Special Operations Force, Iraqi Intervention Force), Iraqi Navy (former Iraqi Coastal Defense Force), Iraqi Air Force (former Iraqi Army Air Corps) (2005)
Ирландия Irish Defense Forces (Oglaigh na h-Eireann): Army (включая Naval Service и Air Corps (Aer-Chor na h-Eireann)) (2008)
Израиль Израиль Defense Forces (IDF), Израиль Naval Forces (INF), Израиль Air Force (IAF) (2007)
Италия Italian Army (Esercito Italiano, EI), Italian Navy (Marina Militare Italiana, MMI), Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana, AMI), Carabinieri Corps (Arma dei Carabinieri, CC) (2008)
Ямайка Ямайка Defense Force: Ground Forces, Coast Guard, Air Wing (2007)
Япония Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD): Ground Self-Defense Force (Rikujou Jietai, GSDF), Maritime Self-Defense Force (Kaijou Jietai, MSDF), Air Self-Defense Force (Koku Jieitai, ASDF) (2008)
Иордания Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF): Royal Jordanian Land Force, Royal Jordanian Navy, Royal Jordanian Air Force (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Malakiya al-Urduniya, RJAF), Special Operations Command (Socom); Public Security Directorate (normally falls under Ministry of Interior, but comes under JAF in wartime или crisis) (2008)
Казахстан Ground Forces, Naval Force, Air и Air Defense Forces, Republican Guard
Кения Kenyan Army, Kenyan Navy, Kenyan Air Force (2007)
Кирибати no regular military forces (constitutionally prohibited); Police Force (2008)
Северная Корея Северный Korean Люди's Army: Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force; civil security forces (2005)
Южная Корея Республика Korea Army, Navy (включая Marine Corps), Air Force (2008)
Кювейт Land Forces, Kuwaiti Navy, Kuwaiti Air Force (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya), National Guard (2007)
Киргизия Army, Air Force, National Guard (2005)
Лаоc Lao Люди's Armed Forces (LPAF): Lao Люди's Army (LPA; включая Riverine Force), Air Force (2008)
Латвия National Armed Forces (Nacionalo Brunoto Speku): Ground Forces, Navy (Latvijas Juras Speki; включая Coast Guard (Latvijas Kara Flotes)), Latvian Air Force (Latvijas Gaisa Speki), Border Guard, Latvian На главную Guard (Latvijas Zemessardze) (2008)
Ливан Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF): Army (включая Navy), Air Force (2008)
Лесото Лесото Defense Force (LDF): Army (включая Air Wing) (2008)
Либерия Armed Forces Либерии (AFL): Army, Navy, Air Force
Либия Armed Peoples on Duty (APOD, Army), Libyan Arab Navy, Libyan Arab Air Force (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Jamahiriya al-Arabia al-Libyya, LAAF) (2008)
Лихтенштейн no regular military forces (constitutionally prohibited); Principality Лихтенштейна National Police (Landespolizei, LP) (2008)
Литва Ground Forces, Naval Force, Lithuanian Армия Air Forces, National Defense Volunteer Forces (2005)
Люксембург Army (2007)
Macau no regular military forces; defense is the responsibility Китая (2008)
Македония Army of the Республика Македония (ARM): Joint Operational Command, with subordinate Air Wing (Makedonsko Voeno Vozduhoplovstvo, MVV), Special Operations Regiment (2007)
Мадагаскар Люди's Armed Forces: Intervention Force, Development Force, и Aeronaval Force (navy и air); National Gendarmerie
Малави Малави Armed Forces: Army (включая Air Wing и Naval Detachment) (2007)
Малазия Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Малазия, ATM): Malaysian Army (Tentera Darat Малазия), Royal Malaysian Navy (Tentera Laut Diraja Малазия, TLDM), Royal Malaysian Air Force (Tentera Udara Diraja Малазия, TUDM) (2008)
Мальдивы Мальдивы National Defense Force (MNDF): Quick Reaction Force, Security Protection Group, Coast Guard (2007)
Мали Malian Armed Forces: Army, Республика Мали Air Force (Force Aerienne de la Republique du Мали, FARM), National Guard (2008)
Мальта Armed Forces Мальты (AFM; включая air и maritime elements) (2007)
Маршалловы Острова no regular military forces; under the 1983 Compact of Free Association, the US has full authority и responsibility for security и defense of the Маршалловы Острова; Маршалловы Острова Police (2008)
Мавритания Mauritanian Armed Forces: Army, Mauritanian Navy (Marine Mauritanienne; включая naval infantry), Islamic Air Force Мавритании (Force Aerienne Islamique de Mauritanie, FAIM) (2008)
Маврикий no regular military forces; National Police Force, Special Mobile Force, National Coast Guard (2007)
Мексика Secretariat of National Defense (Secretaria de Defensa Nacional, Sedena): Army (Ejercito, включая Mexican Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, FAM)); Secretariat of the Navy (Secretaria de Marina, Semar): Mexican Navy (Armada de Мексика, ARM, включая Naval Air Force (FAN) и naval infantry) (2008)
Микронезия no regular military forces
Молдавия National Army: Ground Forces, Rapid Reaction Forces, Air и Air Defense Forces (2008)
Монако no regular military forces; the Palace Guard performs ceremonial duties
Монголия Mongolian Armed Forces: Mongolian Army, Mongolian Air Force; there is no navy (2008)
Монтенегро Armed Forces of the Республика Монтенегро: Army, Navy (serves as Coast Guard), Air Force (2008)
Монтсеррат: заморская территория Великобритании no regular military forces; Royal Монтсеррат: заморская территория Великобритании Police Force (2008)
Мороккo Royal Armed Forces (Forces Armees Royales, FAR): Royal Moroccan Army (включая Air Defense), Navy (включая Marines), Royal Moroccan Air Force (Al Quwwat al Jawyiya al Malakiya Marakishiya; Force Aerienne Royale Marocaine) (2008)
Мозамбик Мозамбик Armed Defense Forces (FADM): Мозамбик Army, Мозамбик Navy (Marinha Mocambique, MM), Мозамбик Air Force (Forca Aerea de Mocambique, FAM) (2006)
Намибия Namibian Defense Force: Army, Navy, Air Wing (2008)
Науру no regular military forces; Науру Police Force (2008)
Непал Nepalese Army, Armed Police Force (2008)
Нидерланды Royal Нидерланды Army, Royal Нидерланды Navy (включая Naval Air Service и Marine Corps), Royal Нидерланды Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht, KLu), Royal Армия Police (2008)
Нидерландские Антильские о-ва no regular military forces; National Guard (2008)
Новая Каледония: заморская территория Франции no regular indigenous military forces; French Armed Forces (включая Army, Navy, Air Force, Gendarmerie); Police Force
Новая Зеландия Новая Зеландия Defense Force (NZDF): Новая Зеландия Army, Royal Новая Зеландия Navy, Royal Новая Зеландия Air Force (2008)
Никарагуа National Army Никарагуа (ENN; включая Navy, Air Force) (2008)
Нигер Nigerien Armed Forces (Forces Armees Nigeriennes, FAN): Army, Нигер Air Force (2008)
Нигерия Nigerian Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force (2008)
Ниуэ no regular indigenous military forces; Police Force
Норвегия Norwegian Army (Haeren), Royal Norwegian Navy (Kongelige Norske Sjoeforsvaret, RNoN; включая Coastal Rangers и Coast Guard (Kystvakt)), Royal Norwegian Air Force (Kongelige Norske Luftforsvaret, RNoAF), На главную Guard (Heimevernet, HV) (2007)
Оман Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF): Royal Army Омана, Royal Navy Омана, Royal Air Force Омана (2008)
Пакистан Army (включая National Guard), Navy (включая Marines и Maritime Security Agency), Пакистан Air Force (Пакистан Fiza'ya) (2008)
Палау no regular military forces; Палау National Police (2008)
Панама no regular military forces; Panamanian Public Forces или PPF включая the Panamanian National Police (PNP), National Maritime Service (NMS), и National Air Service (NAS) (2008)
Папуа — Новая Гвинея Папуа — Новая Гвинея Defense Force (PNGDF; включая Maritime Operations Element, Air Operations Element) (2008)
Парагвай Army, National Navy (Armada Nacional, включая Naval Aviation, Marine Corps, General Naval Prefecture), Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Парагвай, FAP) (2008)
Перу Peruvian Army (Ejercito Peruano), Peruvian Navy (Marina de Guerra del Перу, MGP (включая naval air, naval infantry, и coast guard)), Peruvian Air Force (Fuerza Aerea del Перу, FAP) (2008)
Филиппины Armed Forces of the Филиппины (AFP): Army, Navy (включая Marine Corps), Air Force (2008)
Польша Polish Armed Forces: Land Forces (включая Navy (Marynarka Wojenna, MW)), Polish Air Force (Sily Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, SPRP) (2008)
Португалия Portuguese Army (Exercito Portugues), Portuguese Navy (Marinha Portuguesa; включая Marine Corps), Portuguese Air Force (Forca Aerea Portuguesa, FAP) (2008)
Пуэрто-Рико no regular indigenous military forces; paramilitary National Guard, Police Force
Катар Qatari Amiri Land Force (QALF), Qatari Amiri Navy (QAN), Qatari Amiri Air Force (QAAF) (2007)
Румыния Land Forces, Naval Forces, Romanian Air Force (Fortele Aeriene Romane, FAR), Special Operations (2008)
Россия Ground Forces (SV), Navy (VMF), Air Forces (Voyenno-Vozdushniye Sily, VVS); Airborne Troops (VDV), Strategic Rocket Troops (Raketnyye Voyska Strategicheskogo Naznacheniya, RVSN), и Space Troops (KV) are independent "combat arms," not subordinate to any of the three branches; Russian Ground Forces include the following combat arms: motorized-rifle troops, tank troops, missile и artillery troops, air defense of ground troops (2008)
Руанда Rwandan Defense Forces: Army, Air Force
Сент-Китс и Невис Сент-Китс и Невис Defense Force (включая Coast Guard), Royal Сент-Китс и Невис Police Force
Сент-Люсия no regular military forces; Royal Сент-Люсия Police Force (включая Special Service Unit, Coast Guard) (2007)
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины no regular military forces; Royal Сент-Винсент и Гренадины Police Force, Coast Guard (2007)
Самоа no regular military forces; Самоа Police Force (2008)
Сан-Маринo no regular military forces; Voluntary Армия Force (Corpi Militari Voluntar) performs ceremonial duties и limited police support functions (2008)
Сан-Томе и Принсипи Armed Forces Сан-Томе и Принсипи (FASTP): Army, Coast Guard of Sao Tome e Principe (Guarda Costeira de Sao Tome e Principe, GCSTP), Presidential Guard (2007)
Саудовская Аравия Land Forces (Army), Navy, Air Force, Air Defense Force, National Guard, Ministry of Interior Forces (paramilitary)
Сенегал Army, Senegalese Navy (Marine Senegalaise), Senegalese Air Force (Armee de l'Air du Сенегал ) (2008)
Сербия Serbian Armed Forces (Vojska Srbije, VS): Land Forces Command (включая Riverine Component, consisting of a river flotilla on the Danube), Joint Operations Command, Air и Air Defense Forces Command (2008)
Сейшельские Острова Сейшельские Острова Defense Force: Army, Coast Guard (включая Naval Wing, Air Wing), National Guard (2005)
Сьерра-Леоне Республика Сьерра-Леоне Armed Forces (RSLAF): Army (включая Navy (Maritime Wing), Air Wing) (2008)
Сингапур Сингапур Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force (включая Air Defense) (2008)
Словакия Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic (Ozbrojene Sily Slovenskej Republiky): Land Forces (Pozemne Sily), Air Forces (Vzdusne Sily) (2008)
Словения Slovenian Army (включая air и naval forces)
Соломоновы Острова no regular military forces; Соломоновы Острова Police Force (2008)
Сомали no national-level armed forces (2008)
Южно-Африканская Республика South African National Defense Force (SANDF): South African Army, South African Navy (SAN), South African Air Force (SAAF), Joint Operations Command, Армия Intelligence, Армия Health Service (2008)
Испания испанский Armed Forces: Army (Ejercito de Tierra), испанский Navy (Armada Espanola, AE; включая Marine Corps), испанский Air Force (Ejercito del Aire Espanola, EdA) (2007)
Шри-Ланка Шри-Ланка Army, Шри-Ланка Navy, Шри-Ланка Air Force (2008)
Судан Sudanese Люди's Armed Forces (SPAF): Land Forces, Navy, Air Force, Popular Defense Forces; Судан Люди's Liberation Army (SPLA): Land Forces (2008)
Суринам National Army (Nationaal Leger, NL; включая Naval Wing, Air Wing) (2007)
Свальбард no regular military forces
Свазиленд Umbutfo Свазиленд Defense Force (USDF): Ground Force (включая air wing) (2008)
Швеция Swedish Armed Forces (Forsvarsmakten): Army (Armen), Royal Swedish Navy (Marinen), Swedish Air Force (Svenska Flygvapnet) (2008)
Швейцария Swiss Armed Forces: Land Forces, Swiss Air Force (Schweizer Luftwaffe) (2007)
Сирия Syrian Armed Forces: Syrian Arab Army, Syrian Arab Navy, Syrian Arab Air и Air Defense Forces (включая Air Defense Command) (2008)
Тайвань Army, Navy (включая Marine Corps), Air Force, Coast Guard Administration, Armed Forces Reserve Command, Combined Service Forces Command, Armed Forces Police Command
Таджикистан Ground Forces, Air и Air Defense Forces, Mobile Force (2008)
Танзания Tanzanian Люди's Defense Force (Jeshi la Wananchi la Танзания, JWTZ): Army, Naval Wing (включая Coast Guard), Air Defense Command (включая Air Wing), National Service (2007)
Таиланд Royal Thai Army (RTA), Royal Thai Navy (RTN, включая Royal Thai Marine Corps), Royal Thai Air Force (Knogtap Agard Thai, RTAF) (2008)
Восточный Тимор Восточный Тимор Defense Force (Forcas de Defesa de Timor-L'este, Falintil (FDTL)): Army, Navy (Armada) (2008)
Того Togolese Armed Forces: Ground Forces, Togolese Navy (Marine du Того), Togolese Air Force (Force Aerienne Togolaise, FAT), National Gendarmerie (2008)
Тонга Тонга Defense Services (TDS): Land Force (Royal Guard), Naval Force (включая Royal Marines, Air Wing) (2008)
Тринидад и Тобаго Тринидад и Тобаго Defense Force (TTDF): Тринидад и Тобаго Regiment, Coast Guard, Air Guard (2008)
Тунис Army, Navy, Республика Тунис Air Force (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Jamahiriyah At'tunisia) (2008)
Турция Turkish Armed Forces (TSK): Turkish Land Forces (Turk Kara Kuvvetleri, TKK), Turkish Naval Forces (Turk Deniz Kuvvetleri, TDK; включая naval air и naval infantry), Turkish Air Force (Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, THK) (2008)
Туркменистан Ground Forces, Navy, Air и Air Defense Forces (2007)
Тувалу no regular military forces; Тувалу Police Force (2008)
Угадна Угадна Peoples Defense Force (UPDF): Army (включая Marine Unit), Air Force (2007)
Украина Ground Forces, Naval Forces, Air Forces (Viyskovo-Povitryani Syly), Air Defense Forces (2002)
Объединенные Арабские Эмираты Объединенные Арабские Эмираты Armed Forces: Army, Navy (включая Marines), Air Force и Air Defense, National Coast Guard (2008)
Великобритания Army, Royal Navy (включая Royal Marines), Royal Air Force
США US Army, US Navy (включая Marine Corps), US Air Force, US Coast Guard; note - Coast Guard administered in peacetime by the Department of Homeland Security, but in wartime reports to the Department of the Navy (2008)
Уругвай Uruguayan Armed Forces: Army (Ejercito), Navy (Armada Nacional; включая naval air arm, Marines, Maritime Prefecture in wartime), Air Force (Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya, FAU) (2008)
Узбекистан Army, Air и Air Defense Forces, National Guard
Вануату no regular military forces; Вануату Police Force (VPF), Вануату Mobile Force (VMF; включая Police Maritime Wing (PMW)) (2008)
Венесуэлa National Armed Forces (Fuerza Armada Nacionale, FAN): Ground Forces или Army (Fuerzas Terrestres или Ejercito), Naval Forces (Fuerzas Navales или Armada; включая Marines, Coast Guard), Air Force (Fuerzas Aereas или Aviacion), Armed Forces of Cooperation или National Guard (Fuerzas Armadas de Cooperacion или Guardia Nacional)
Вьетнам Люди's Armed Forces: Люди's Army Вьетнама (PAVN) (включая Люди's Navy Command (with naval infantry, coast guard), Air и Air Defense Force (Kon Quan Nhan Dan), Border Defense Command), Люди's Public Security Forces, Militia Force, Self-Defense Forces (2005)
Емен Army (включая Republican Guard), Navy (включая Marines), Емен Air Force (Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Jamahiriya al Yemeniya; включая Air Defense Force) (2008)
Замбия Zambian National Defense Force (ZNDF): Zambian Army, Zambian Air Force, National Service (2008)
Зимбабве Зимбабве Defense Forces (ZDF): Зимбабве National Army, Air Force Зимбабве (AFZ), Зимбабве Republic Police (2005)

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