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  Список стран- Natural hazards

Natural hazards
Афганистан damaging earthquakes occur in Hindu Kush mountains; наводнения; засухи
Албания destructive earthquakes; цунами occur along southwestern coast; floods; drought
Алжир mountainous areas subject to severe earthquakes; mudslides и floods in rainy season
Американское Самоа typhoons common from December to March
Андорра avalanches
Ангола locally heavy rainfall causes periodic наводнения on the plateau
Ангилья frequent ураганы и other tropical storms (July to October)
Антарктика katabatic (gravity-driven) winds blow coastward from the high interior; frequent blizzards form near the foot of the plateau; cyclonic storms form over the ocean и move clockwise along the coast; volcanism on Deception Island и isolated areas of West Антарктика; other seismic activity rare и weak; large icebergs may calve from ice shelf
Антигуа и Барбуда ураганы и tropical storms (July to October); periodic засухи
Артический океан ice islands occasionally break away from northern Ellesmere Island; icebergs calved from glaciers in western Гренландия и extreme northeastern Канада; вечная мерзлота in islands; virtually ice locked from October to June; ships subject to superstructure icing from October to May
Аргентина San Miguel de Tucuman и Mendoza areas in the Andes subject to earthquakes; pamperos are violent windstorms that can strike the pampas и northeast; heavy наводнения
Армения землетрясения; засухи
Аруба ураганы; lies outside the Caribbean hurricane belt и is rarely threatened
Острова Ашмор и Картье surrounded by shoals и reefs that can pose maritime hazards
Атлантический океан icebergs common in Davis Strait, Дания Strait, и the northwestern Атлантический океан from February to August и have been spotted as far юг as Бермуды и the Madeira Islands; ships subject to superstructure icing in extreme northern Atlantic from October to May; persistent fog can be a maritime hazard from May to September; ураганы (May to December)
Австралия циклоны along the coast; severe засухи; лесные пожары
Австрия landslides; avalanches; earthquakes
Азербайджан засухи
Багамские Острова, The ураганы и other tropical storms cause extensive flood и wind damage
Бахрейн periodic засухи; dust storms
Бангладеш засухи, циклоны; большая часть страны затапливается в сезон летнего муссона
Барбадос infrequent ураганы; periodic landslides
Беларусь нет
Бельгия наводнения is a threat along rivers и in areas of reclaimed coastal land, protected from the sea by concrete dikes
Белиз frequent, devastating ураганы (June to November) и coastal наводнения (especially in юг)
Бенин hot, dry, dusty harmattan wind may affect север from December to March
Бермуды ураганы (June to November)
Бутан violent storms from the Himalayas are the source of the country's name, which translates as Land of the Thunder Dragon; frequent landslides during the rainy season
Боливия наводнения in the northeast (March-April)
Босния и Герцеговина destructive earthquakes
Ботсвана periodic засухи; seasonal August winds blow from the запад, carrying sand и dust across the country, which can obscure visibility
Остров Буве нет
Бразилия recurring засухи in northeast; floods и occasional frost in юг
Британская территория в Индийском океане нет
Британские Виргинские острова ураганы и tropical storms (July to October)
Бруней typhoons, earthquakes, и severe наводнения are rare
Болгария earthquakes, landslides
Буркина Фасо recurring засухи
Мьянма destructive earthquakes и циклоны; наводнения и landslides common during rainy season (June to September); periodic засухи
Бурунди наводнения, landslides, drought
Камбоджа monsoonal rains (June to November); наводнения; occasional засухи
Камерун volcanic activity with periodic releases of poisonous gases from Lake Nyos и Lake Monoun вулканы
Канада continuous вечная мерзлота in север is a serious obstacle to development; cyclonic storms form восток of the Rocky Mountains, a result of the mixing of air masses from the Arctic, Pacific, и Северный American interior, и produce most of the country's rain и snow восток of the mountains
Кабо-Верде prolonged засухи; seasonal harmattan wind produces obscuring dust; volcanically и seismically active
Каймановы Острoва ураганы (July to November)
Центральноафриканская Республика hot, dry, dusty harmattan winds affect northern areas; floods are common
Чад hot, dry, dusty harmattan winds occur in север; periodic засухи; locust plagues
Чили severe earthquakes; active volcanism; цунами
Китай frequent typhoons (about five per year along southern и eastern coasts); damaging floods; цунами; earthquakes; засухи; land subsidence
Рождества Остров the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard
Клипертон, Остров нет
Кокосовые Острова cyclone season is October to April
Колумбия highlands subject to volcanic eruptions; occasional earthquakes; periodic засухи
Коморские Острова циклоны possible during rainy season (December to April); Le Kartala on Grand Comore is an active volcano
Congo, Democratic Республика the periodic засухи in юг; Congo River floods (seasonal); in the восток, in the Great Rift Valley, there are active вулканы
Congo, Республика the seasonal наводнения
Острова Кука typhoons (November to March)
Коралловые Острова occasional tropical циклоны
Коста-Рика occasional earthquakes, ураганы along Atlantic coast; frequent наводнения of lowlands at onset of rainy season и landslides; active вулканы
Кот-д’Ивуар coast has heavy surf и no natural harbors; during the rainy season torrential наводнения is possible
Хорватия destructive earthquakes
Куба the восток coast is subject to ураганы from August to November (in general, the country averages about один hurricane every other year); засухи are common
Кипр moderate землетрясения activity; засухи
Чешская республика наводнения
Дания наводнения is a threat in some areas of the country (e.g., parts of Jutland, along the southern coast of the island of Lolland) that are protected from the sea by a system of dikes
Джибути earthquakes; засухи; occasional cyclonic disturbances from the Индийский океан bring heavy rains и flash floods
Доминика flash floods are a constant threat; destructive ураганы can be expected during the late summer months
Доминиканская республика lies in the middle of the hurricane belt и subject to severe storms from June to October; occasional наводнения; periodic засухи
Эквадор frequent earthquakes, landslides, volcanic activity; floods; periodic засухи
Египет periodic засухи; frequent earthquakes, flash floods, landslides; hot, driving windstorm called khamsin occurs in spring; dust storms, sandstorms
Сальвадор known as the Land of Volcanoes; frequent и sometimes destructive earthquakes и volcanic activity; extremely susceptible to ураганы
Экваториальная Гвинея violent windstorms, flash floods
Эритрея frequent засухи; locust swarms
Эстония sometimes наводнения occurs in the spring
Эфиопия geologically active Great Rift Valley susceptible to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; frequent засухи
Европейское сообщество наводнения along coasts; avalanches in mountainous area; earthquakes in the юг; volcanic eruptions in Италия; periodic засухи in Испания; ice floes in the Baltic
Фолклендские ( Мальвинские) осторова strong winds persist throughout the year
Фарерские Острова нет
Фиджи cyclonic storms can occur from November to January
Финляндия нет
Франция metropolitan Франция: наводнения; avalanches; midwinter windstorms; drought; лесные пожары in юг near the Mediterranean
overseas departments: ураганы (циклоны), наводнения, volcanic activity (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion)
Французская Полинезия occasional cyclonic storms in January
Французские Южные и Антарктические Территории Ile Amsterdam и Ile Saint-Paul are inactive вулканы; Iles Eparses subject to periodic циклоны; Bassas da Индия is a maritime hazard since it is under water for a period of three hours prior to и following the high tide и surrounded by reefs
Габон нет
Гамбия drought (rainfall has dropped by 30% in the last 30 лет)
Сектор Газa засухи
Грузия earthquakes
Германия наводнения
Гана dry, dusty, northeastern harmattan winds occur from January to March; засухи
Гибралтар: заморская территория Великобритании нет
Греция severe earthquakes
Гренландия continuous вечная мерзлота over northern two-thirds of the island
Гренада lies on edge of hurricane belt; hurricane season lasts from June to November
Гуам frequent squalls during rainy season; relatively rare, but potentially very destructive typhoons (June - December)
Гватемала numerous вулканы in mountains, with occasional violent earthquakes; Caribbean coast extremely susceptible to ураганы и other tropical storms
Гернси: коронная земля Великобритании нет
Гвинея hot, dry, dusty harmattan haze may reduce visibility during dry season
Гвинея-Бисау hot, dry, dusty harmattan haze may reduce visibility during dry season; brush fires
Гвиана flash floods are a constant threat during rainy seasons
Гаити lies in the middle of the hurricane belt и subject to severe storms from June to October; occasional наводнения и earthquakes; periodic засухи
Острова Хэрда и МакДональда Mawson Peak, an active volcano, is on Heard Island
Ватикан нет
Гондурас frequent, but generally mild, earthquakes; extremely susceptible to damaging ураганы и floods along the Caribbean coast
Гонконг occasional typhoons
Исландия earthquakes и volcanic activity
Индия засухи; flash floods, as well as widespread и destructive наводнения from monsoonal rains; severe thunderstorms; earthquakes
Индийский океан occasional icebergs pose navigational hazard in southern reaches
Индонeзия occasional floods, severe засухи, цунами, earthquakes, вулканы, лесные пожары
Иран periodic засухи, floods; dust storms, sandstorms; earthquakes
Ирак dust storms, sandstorms, floods
Ирландия нет
Остров Мэн нет
Израиль sandstorms may occur during spring и summer; засухи; periodic earthquakes
Италия regional risks include landslides, mudflows, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, наводнения; land subsidence in Venice
Ямайка ураганы (especially July to November)
Ян-Майен dominated by the volcano Haakon VII Toppen/Beerenberg; volcanic activity resumed in 1970; the most recent eruption occurred in 1985
Япония many dormant и some active вулканы; about 1,500 seismic occurrences (mostly tremors) every year; цунами; typhoons
Джерси: коронная земля Великобритании нет
Иордания засухи; periodic earthquakes
Казахстан earthquakes in the юг, mudslides around Almaty
Кения recurring drought; наводнения during rainy seasons
Кирибати typhoons can occur any time, but usually November to March; occasional торнадо; low level of some of the islands make them sensitive to changes in sea level
Северная Корея late spring засухи often followed by severe наводнения; occasional typhoons during the early fall
Южная Корея occasional typhoons bring high winds и floods; low-level seismic activity common in southwest
Кювейт sudden cloudbursts are common from October to April и bring heavy rain, which can damage roads и houses; sandstorms и dust storms occur throughout the year but are most common between March и August
Киргизия нет
Лаоc floods, засухи
Латвия нет
Ливан dust storms, sandstorms
Лесото periodic засухи
Либерия dust-laden harmattan winds blow from the Sahara (December to March)
Либия hot, dry, dust-laden ghibli is a southern wind lasting один to four days in spring и fall; dust storms, sandstorms
Лихтенштейн нет
Литва нет
Люксембург нет
Macau typhoons
Македония high seismic risks
Мадагаскар periodic циклоны, drought, и locust infestation
Малави нет
Малазия наводнения, landslides, лесные пожары
Мальдивы low level of islands makes them sensitive to sea level rise
Мали hot, dust-laden harmattan haze common during dry seasons; recurring засухи; occasional Нигер River наводнения
Мальта нет
Маршалловы Острова infrequent typhoons
Мавритания hot, dry, dust/sand-laden sirocco wind blows primarily in March и April; periodic засухи
Маврикий циклоны (November to April); almost completely surrounded by reefs that may pose maritime hazards
Майотта: заморская территория Франции циклоны during rainy season
Мексика цунами along the Pacific coast, вулканы и destructive earthquakes in the center и юг, и ураганы on the Pacific, Gulf Мексики, и Caribbean coasts
Микронезия typhoons (June to December)
Молдавия landslides
Монако нет
Монголия dust storms, grassland и лесные пожары, drought, и "zud," which is harsh winter conditions
Монтенегро destructive earthquakes
Монтсеррат: заморская территория Великобритании severe ураганы (June to November); volcanic eruptions (Soufriere Hills volcano has erupted continuously since 1995)
Мороккo northern mountains geologically unstable и subject to earthquakes; periodic засухи
Мозамбик severe засухи; devastating циклоны и floods in central и southern provinces
Намибия prolonged periods of drought
Науру periodic засухи
Остров Навасса ураганы
Непал severe thunderstorms, наводнения, landslides, drought, и famine depending on the timing, intensity, и duration of the summer monsoons
Нидерланды наводнения
Нидерландские Антильские о-ва Sint Maarten, Saba, и Sint Eustatius are subject to ураганы from July to October; Curacao и Bonaire are юг of Caribbean hurricane belt и are rarely threatened
Новая Каледония: заморская территория Франции циклоны, most frequent from November to March
Новая Зеландия earthquakes are common, though usually not severe; volcanic activity
Никарагуа destructive earthquakes, вулканы, landslides; extremely susceptible to ураганы
Нигер recurring засухи
Нигерия periodic засухи; наводнения
Ниуэ typhoons
Норфолк typhoons (especially May to July)
Северные Марианские острова active вулканы on Pagan и Agrihan; typhoons (especially August to November)
Норвегия rockslides, avalanches
Оман summer winds often raise large sandstorms и dust storms in interior; periodic засухи
Тихий океан surrounded by a zone of violent volcanic и землетрясения activity sometimes referred to as the "Pacific Ring of Fire"; subject to tropical циклоны (typhoons) in southeast и восток Азия from May to December (most frequent from July to October); tropical циклоны (ураганы) may form юг Мексики и strike Central America и Мексика from June to October (most common in August и September); cyclical El Nino/La Nina phenomenon occurs in the equatorial Pacific, influencing weather in the Western Hemisphere и the western Pacific; ships subject to superstructure icing in extreme север from October to May; persistent fog in the northern Pacific can be a maritime hazard from June to December
Пакистан frequent earthquakes, occasionally severe especially in север и запад; наводнения along the Indus после heavy rains (July и August)
Палау typhoons (June to December)
Панама occasional severe storms и лесные пожары in the Darien area
Папуа — Новая Гвинея active volcanism; situated along the Pacific "Ring of Fire"; the country is subject to frequent и sometimes severe earthquakes; mud slides; цунами
Парасельские острова typhoons
Парагвай local наводнения in southeast (early September to June); poorly drained plains may become boggy (early October to June)
Перу earthquakes, цунами, наводнения, landslides, mild volcanic activity
Филиппины astride typhoon belt, usually affected by 15 и struck by five to six cyclonic storms per year; landslides; active вулканы; destructive earthquakes; цунами
Питкэрн: заморская территория Великобритании typhoons (especially November to March)
Польша наводнения
Португалия Azores subject to severe earthquakes
Пуэрто-Рико periodic засухи; ураганы
Катар haze, dust storms, sandstorms common
Румыния earthquakes, most severe in юг и southwest; geologic structure и climate promote landslides
Россия вечная мерзлота over much of Siberia is сложности в развитии; volcanic activity in the Kuril Islands; вулканы и earthquakes on the Kamchatka Peninsula; spring floods и summer/autumn лесные пожары throughout Siberia и parts of European Россия
Руанда periodic засухи; the volcanic Virunga mountains are in the northwest along the border with Democratic Республика the Congo
Святой Елены остров active volcanism on Tristan da Cunha, last eruption in 1961
Сент-Китс и Невис ураганы (July to October)
Сент-Люсия ураганы и volcanic activity
Сен-Пьер и Микелон: заморская территория Франции persistent fog throughout the year can be a maritime hazard
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины ураганы; Soufriere volcano on the island of Saint Vincent is a constant threat
Самоа occasional typhoons; active volcanism
Сан-Маринo нет
Сан-Томе и Принсипи нет
Саудовская Аравия frequent sand и dust storms
Сенегал lowlands seasonally flooded; periodic засухи
Сербия destructive earthquakes
Сейшельские Острова lies outside the cyclone belt, so severe storms are rare; short засухи possible
Сьерра-Леоне dry, sand-laden harmattan winds blow from the Sahara (December to February); sandstorms, dust storms
Сингапур нет
Словакия нет
Словения наводнения и earthquakes
Соломоновы Острова typhoons, but rarely destructive; geologically active region with frequent earthquakes, tremors, и volcanic activity; цунами
Сомали recurring засухи; frequent dust storms over eastern plains in summer; floods during rainy season
Южно-Африканская Республика prolonged засухи
Южная Георгия и Южные Сандвичевы острова the South Sandwich Islands have prevailing weather conditions that generally make them difficult to approach by ship; they are also subject to active volcanism
Южный океан huge icebergs with drafts up to several hundred метры; smaller bergs и iceberg fragments; sea ice (generally 0.5 to 1 m thick) with sometimes dynamic short-term variations и with large annual и interannual variations; deep continental shelf floored by glacial deposits varying widely over short distances; high winds и large waves much of the year; ship icing, especially May-October; most of region is remote from sources of search и rescue
Испания periodic засухи
Острова Спратли typhoons; numerous reefs и shoals pose a serious maritime hazard
Шри-Ланка occasional циклоны и торнадо
Судан dust storms и periodic persistent засухи
Суринам нет
Свальбард ice floes often block the entrance to Bellsund (a transit point for каменный уголь export) on the запад coast и occasionally make parts of the northeastern coast inaccessible to maritime traffic
Свазиленд drought
Швеция ice floes in the surrounding waters, especially in the Gulf of Bothnia, can interfere with maritime traffic
Швейцария avalanches, landslides, flash floods
Сирия dust storms, sandstorms
Тайвань earthquakes и typhoons
Таджикистан earthquakes и floods
Танзания наводнения on the central plateau during the rainy season; drought
Таиланд land subsidence in Bangkok area resulting from the depletion of the water table; засухи
Восточный Тимор floods и landslides are common; earthquakes, цунами, tropical циклоны
Того hot, dry harmattan wind can reduce visibility in север during winter; periodic засухи
Токелау lies in Pacific typhoon belt
Тонга циклоны (October to April); earthquakes и volcanic activity on Fonuafo'ou
Тринидад и Тобаго outside usual path of ураганы и other tropical storms
Тунис нет
Турция severe earthquakes, especially in northern Турция, along an arc extending from the Sea of Marmara to Lake Van
Туркменистан нет
Тёркс и Кайкос frequent ураганы
Тувалу severe tropical storms are usually rare, but, in 1997, there were three циклоны; low level of islands make them sensitive to changes in sea level
Угадна нет
Украина нет
Объединенные Арабские Эмираты frequent sand и dust storms
Великобритания winter windstorms; floods
США цунами, вулканы, и землетрясения activity around Pacific Basin; ураганы along the Atlantic и Gulf Мексики coasts; торнадо in the midwest и southeast; mud slides в Калифорнии; лесные пожары на западе; наводнения; вечная мерзлота в Северной Аляске, сложности в развитии
Малые Тихоокеанские отдаленные острова Соединенных Штатов Baker, Howland, и Jarvis Islands: the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard
Kingman Reef: wet или awash most of the time, maximum elevation of less than 2 m makes Kingman Reef a maritime hazard
Midway Islands, Johnston, и Palmyra Atolls: нет
Уругвай seasonally high winds (the pampero is a chilly и occasional violent wind that blows север from the Argentine pampas), засухи, floods; because of the absence of mountains, which act as weather barriers, all locations are particularly vulnerable to rapid changes from weather fronts
Узбекистан нет
Вануату tropical циклоны или typhoons (January to April); volcanic eruption on Aoba (Ambae) island began 27 November 2005, volcanism also causes minor earthquakes; цунами
Венесуэлa subject to floods, rockslides, mudslides; periodic засухи
Вьетнам occasional typhoons (May to January) with extensive наводнения, especially in the Mekong River delta
Виргинские Острова (Британские) several ураганы in recent лет; frequent и severe засухи и floods; occasional earthquakes
Остров Уэйк occasional typhoons
Уоллис и Футуна нет
Западный берег Иордании засухи
Западная Сахара hot, dry, dust/sand-laden sirocco wind can occur during winter и spring; widespread harmattan haze exists 60% of time, often severely restricting visibility
Мир large areas subject to severe weather (tropical циклоны), natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, цунами, volcanic eruptions)
Емен sandstorms и dust storms in summer
Замбия periodic drought, tropical storms (November to April)
Зимбабве recurring засухи; floods и severe storms are rare

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