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  Список стран- Climate

Афганистан arid to semiarid; холодная зима и жаркое лето
Akrotiri temperate; Mediterranean with hot, dry summers и cool winters
Албания mild temperate; cool, cloudy, wet winters; hot, clear, dry summers; interior is cooler и wetter
Алжир arid to semiarid; mild, wet winters with hot, dry summers along coast; drier with холодная зима и жаркое лето on high plateau; sirocco is a hot, dust/sand-laden wind especially common in summer
Американское Самоа tropical marine, moderated by southeast trade winds; annual rainfall averages about 3 m; rainy season (November to April), dry season (May to October); little seasonal temperature variation
Андорра temperate; snowy, холодная зима и warm, dry summers
Ангола semiarid in юг и along coast to Luanda; север has cool, dry season (May to October) и hot, rainy season (November to April)
Ангилья tropical; moderated by northeast trade winds
Антарктика severe low temperatures vary with latitude, elevation, и distance from the ocean; East Антарктика is colder than West Антарктика because of its higher elevation; Antarctic Peninsula has the most moderate climate; higher temperatures occur in January along the coast и average slightly below freezing
Антигуа и Барбуда tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation
Артический океан polar climate characterized by persistent cold и relatively narrow annual temperature ranges; winters characterized by continuous darkness, cold и stable weather conditions, и clear skies; summers characterized by continuous daylight, damp и foggy weather, и weak циклоны with rain или snow
Аргентина mostly temperate; arid in southeast; subantarctic in southwest
Армения highland continental, жаркое лето, холодная зима
Аруба tropical marine; little seasonal temperature variation
Острова Ашмор и Картье tropical
Атлантический океан tropical циклоны (ураганы) develop off the coast of Africa near Кабо-Верде и move westward into the Caribbean Sea; ураганы can occur from May to December, but are most frequent from August to November
Австралия generally arid to semiarid; temperate in юг и восток; tropical in север
Австрия temperate; continental, cloudy; холодная зима with frequent rain и some snow in lowlands и snow in mountains; moderate summers with occasional showers
Азербайджан dry, semiarid steppe
Багамские Острова, The tropical marine; moderated by warm waters of Gulf Stream
Бахрейн arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers
Бангладеш tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, warm rainy monsoon (June to October)
Барбадос tropical; rainy season (June to October)
Беларусь холодная зима, cool и moist summers; transitional between continental и maritime
Бельгия temperate; mild winters, cool summers; rainy, humid, cloudy
Белиз tropical; very hot и humid; rainy season (May to November); dry season (February to May)
Бенин tropical; hot, humid in юг; semiarid in север
Бермуды subtropical; mild, humid; gales, strong winds common in winter
Бутан varies; tropical in southern plains; cool winters и жаркое лето in central valleys; severe winters и cool summers in Himalayas
Боливия varies with altitude; humid и tropical to cold и semiarid
Босния и Герцеговина жаркое лето и холодная зима; areas of high elevation have short, cool summers и long, severe winters; mild, rainy winters along coast
Ботсвана semiarid; warm winters и жаркое лето
Остров Буве antarctic
Бразилия mostly tropical, but temperate in юг
Британская территория в Индийском океане tropical marine; hot, humid, moderated by trade winds
Британские Виргинские острова subtropical; humid; temperatures moderated by trade winds
Бруней tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Болгария temperate; cold, damp winters; hot, dry summers
Буркина Фасо tropical; warm, dry winters; hot, wet summers
Мьянма tropical monsoon; cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers (southwest monsoon, June to September); less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, lower humidity during winter (northeast monsoon, December to April)
Бурунди equatorial; high plateau with considerable altitude variation (772 m to 2,670 m above sea level); average annual temperature varies with altitude from 23 to 17 degrees centigrade but is generally moderate as the average altitude is about 1,700 m; average annual rainfall is about 150 cm; two wet seasons (February to May и September to November), и two dry seasons (June to August и December to January)
Камбоджа tropical; rainy, monsoon season (May to November); dry season (December to April); little seasonal temperature variation
Камерун varies with terrain, from tropical along coast to semiarid и hot in север
Канада varies from temperate in юг to subarctic и arctic in север
Кабо-Верде temperate; warm, dry summer; precipitation meager и very erratic
Каймановы Острoва tropical marine; warm, rainy summers (May to October) и cool, relatively dry winters (November to April)
Центральноафриканская Республика tropical; hot, dry winters; mild to hot, wet summers
Чад tropical in юг, desert in север
Чили temperate; desert in север; Mediterranean in central region; cool и damp in юг
Китай extremely diverse; tropical in юг to subarctic in север
Рождества Остров tropical with a wet season (December to April) и dry season; heat и humidity moderated by trade winds
Клипертон, Остров tropical; humid, average temperature 20-32 degrees C, wet season (May to October)
Кокосовые Острова tropical with high humidity, moderated by the southeast trade winds for about nine months of the year
Колумбия tropical along coast и eastern plains; cooler in highlands
Коморские Острова tropical marine; rainy season (November to May)
Congo, Democratic Республика the tropical; hot и humid in equatorial river basin; cooler и drier in southern highlands; cooler и wetter in eastern highlands; север of Equator - wet season (April to October), dry season (December to February); юг of Equator - wet season (November to March), dry season (April to October)
Congo, Республика the tropical; rainy season (March to June); dry season (June to October); persistent high temperatures и humidity; particularly enervating climate astride the Equator
Острова Кука tropical oceanic; moderated by trade winds; a dry season from April to November и a more humid season from December to March
Коралловые Острова tropical
Коста-Рика tropical и subtropical; dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November); cooler in highlands
Кот-д’Ивуар tropical along coast, semiarid in far север; three seasons - warm и dry (November to March), hot и dry (March to May), hot и wet (June to October)
Хорватия Mediterranean и continental; continental climate predominant with жаркое лето и холодная зима; mild winters, dry summers along coast
Куба tropical; moderated by trade winds; dry season (November to April); rainy season (May to October)
Кипр temperate; Mediterranean with hot, dry summers и cool winters
Чешская республика temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters
Дания temperate; humid и overcast; mild, windy winters и cool summers
Dhekelia temperate; Mediterranean with hot, dry summers и cool winters
Джибути desert; torrid, dry
Доминика tropical; moderated by northeast trade winds; heavy rainfall
Доминиканская республика tropical maritime; little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall
Эквадор tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands
Египет desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters
Сальвадор tropical; rainy season (May to October); dry season (November to April); tropical on coast; temperate in uplands
Экваториальная Гвинея tropical; always hot, humid
Эритрея hot, dry desert strip along Red Sea coast; cooler и wetter in the central highlands (up to 61 cm of rainfall annually, heaviest June to September); semiarid in western hills и lowlands
Эстония maritime, wet, moderate winters, cool summers
Эфиопия tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation
Европейское сообщество cold temperate; potentially subarctic in the север to temperate; mild wet winters; hot dry summers in the юг
Фолклендские ( Мальвинские) осторова cold marine; strong westerly winds, cloudy, humid; rain occurs on more than half of days in year; average annual rainfall is 24 inches in Stanley; occasional snow all year, except in January и February, but does not accumulate
Фарерские Острова mild winters, cool summers; usually overcast; foggy, windy
Фиджи tropical marine; only slight seasonal temperature variation
Финляндия cold temperate; potentially subarctic but comparatively mild because of moderating influence of the Северный Atlantic Current, Балтийское море, и more than 60,000 lakes
Франция metropolitan Франция: generally cool winters и mild summers, but mild winters и жаркое лето along the Mediterranean; occasional strong, cold, dry, север-to-northwesterly wind known as mistral
French Guiana: tropical; hot, humid; little seasonal temperature variation
Guadeloupe и Martinique: subtropical tempered by trade winds; moderately high humidity; rainy season (June to October); vulnerable to devastating циклоны (ураганы) every eight лет on average
Reunion: tropical, but temperature moderates with elevation; cool и dry (May to November), hot и rainy (November to April)
Французская Полинезия tropical, but moderate
Французские Южные и Антарктические Территории Ile Amsterdam et Ile Saint-Paul: oceanic with persistent westerly winds и high humidity
Iles Crozet: windy, cold, wet, и cloudy
Iles Kerguelen: oceanic, cold, overcast, windy
Iles Eparses: tropical
Габон tropical; always hot, humid
Гамбия tropical; hot, rainy season (June to November); cooler, dry season (November to May)
Сектор Газa temperate, mild winters, dry и warm to жаркое лето
Грузия warm и pleasant; Mediterranean-like on Черное море coast
Германия temperate и marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters и summers; occasional warm mountain (foehn) wind
Гана tropical; warm и comparatively dry along southeast coast; hot и humid in southwest; hot и dry in север
Гибралтар: заморская территория Великобритании Mediterranean with mild winters и warm summers
Греция temperate; mild, wet winters; hot, dry summers
Гренландия arctic to subarctic; cool summers, холодная зима
Гренада tropical; tempered by northeast trade winds
Гуам tropical marine; generally warm и humid, moderated by northeast trade winds; dry season (January to June), rainy season (July to December); little seasonal temperature variation
Гватемала tropical; hot, humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands
Гернси: коронная земля Великобритании temperate with mild winters и cool summers; about 50% of days are overcast
Гвинея generally hot и humid; monsoonal-type rainy season (June to November) with southwesterly winds; dry season (December to May) with northeasterly harmattan winds
Гвинея-Бисау tropical; generally hot и humid; monsoonal-type rainy season (June to November) with southwesterly winds; dry season (December to May) with northeasterly harmattan winds
Гвиана tropical; hot, humid, moderated by northeast trade winds; two rainy seasons (May to August, November to January)
Гаити tropical; semiarid where mountains in восток cut off trade winds
Острова Хэрда и МакДональда antarctic
Ватикан temperate; mild, rainy winters (September to May) with hot, dry summers (May to September)
Гондурас subtropical in lowlands, temperate in mountains
Гонконг subtropical monsoon; cool и humid in winter, hot и rainy from spring through summer, warm и sunny in fall
Венгрия temperate; cold, cloudy, humid winters; warm summers
Исландия temperate; moderated by Северный Atlantic Current; mild, windy winters; damp, cool summers
Индия varies from tropical monsoon in юг to temperate in север
Индийский океан northeast monsoon (December to April), southwest monsoon (June to October); tropical циклоны occur during May/June и October/November in the northern Индийский океан и January/February in the southern Индийский океан
Индонeзия tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands
Иран mostly arid или semiarid, subtropical along Caspian coast
Ирак mostly desert; mild to cool winters with dry, hot, cloudless summers; northern mountainous regions along Iranian и Turkish borders experience холодная зима with occasionally heavy snows that melt in early spring, sometimes causing extensive наводнения in central и southern Ирак
Ирландия temperate maritime; modified by Северный Atlantic Current; mild winters, cool summers; consistently humid; overcast about half the time
Остров Мэн temperate; cool summers и mild winters; overcast about один-third of the time
Израиль temperate; hot и dry in southern и eastern desert areas
Италия predominantly Mediterranean; Alpine in far север; hot, dry in юг
Ямайка tropical; hot, humid; temperate interior
Ян-Майен arctic maritime with frequent storms и persistent fog
Япония varies from tropical in юг to cool temperate in север
Джерси: коронная земля Великобритании temperate; mild winters и cool summers
Иордания mostly arid desert; rainy season in запад (November to April)
Казахстан continental, холодная зима и жаркое лето, arid и semiarid
Кения varies from tropical along coast to arid in interior
Кирибати tropical; marine, hot и humid, moderated by trade winds
Северная Корея temperate with rainfall concentrated in summer
Южная Корея temperate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter
Косовo influenced by continental air masses resulting in relatively холодная зима with heavy snowfall и hot, dry summers и autumns; Mediterranean и alpine influences create regional variation; maximum rainfall between October и December
Кювейт dry desert; intensely жаркое лето; short, cool winters
Киргизия dry continental to polar in high Tien Shan; subtropical in southwest (Fergana Valley); temperate in northern foothill zone
Лаоc tropical monsoon; rainy season (May to November); dry season (December to April)
Латвия maritime; wet, moderate winters
Ливан Mediterranean; mild to cool, wet winters with hot, dry summers; Ливан mountains experience heavy winter snows
Лесото temperate; cool to cold, dry winters; hot, wet summers
Либерия tropical; hot, humid; dry winters with hot days и cool to cold nights; wet, cloudy summers with frequent heavy showers
Либия Mediterranean along coast; dry, extreme desert interior
Лихтенштейн continental; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow или rain; cool to moderately warm, cloudy, humid summers
Литва transitional, between maritime и continental; wet, moderate winters и summers
Люксембург modified continental with mild winters, cool summers
Macau subtropical; marine with cool winters, warm summers
Македония warm, dry summers и autumns; relatively холодная зима with heavy snowfall
Мадагаскар tropical along coast, temperate inland, arid in юг
Малави sub-tropical; rainy season (November to May); dry season (May to November)
Малазия tropical; annual southwest (April to October) и northeast (October to February) monsoons
Мальдивы tropical; hot, humid; dry, northeast monsoon (November to March); rainy, southwest monsoon (June to August)
Мали subtropical to arid; hot и dry (February to June); rainy, humid, и mild (June to November); cool и dry (November to February)
Мальта Mediterranean; mild, rainy winters; hot, dry summers
Маршалловы Острова tropical; hot и humid; wet season May to November; islands border typhoon belt
Мавритания desert; constantly hot, dry, dusty
Маврикий tropical, modified by southeast trade winds; warm, dry winter (May to November); hot, wet, humid summer (November to May)
Майотта: заморская территория Франции tropical; marine; hot, humid, rainy season during northeastern monsoon (November to May); dry season is cooler (May to November)
Мексика varies from tropical to desert
Микронезия tropical; heavy year-round rainfall, especially in the eastern islands; located on southern edge of the typhoon belt with occasionally severe damage
Молдавия moderate winters, warm summers
Монако Mediterranean with mild, wet winters и hot, dry summers
Монголия desert; continental (large daily и seasonal temperature ranges)
Монтенегро Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers и autumns и relatively холодная зима with heavy snowfalls inland
Монтсеррат: заморская территория Великобритании tropical; little daily или seasonal temperature variation
Мороккo Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior
Мозамбик tropical to subtropical
Намибия desert; hot, dry; rainfall sparse и erratic
Науру tropical with a monsoonal pattern; rainy season (November to February)
Остров Навасса marine, tropical
Непал varies from cool summers и severe winters in север to subtropical summers и mild winters in юг
Нидерланды temperate; marine; cool summers и mild winters
Нидерландские Антильские о-ва tropical; ameliorated by northeast trade winds
Новая Каледония: заморская территория Франции tropical; modified by southeast trade winds; hot, humid
Новая Зеландия temperate with sharp regional contrasts
Никарагуа tropical in lowlands, cooler in highlands
Нигер desert; mostly hot, dry, dusty; tropical in extreme юг
Нигерия varies; equatorial in юг, tropical in center, arid in север
Ниуэ tropical; modified by southeast trade winds
Норфолк subtropical; mild, little seasonal temperature variation
Северные Марианские острова tropical marine; moderated by northeast trade winds, little seasonal temperature variation; dry season December to June, rainy season July to October
Норвегия temperate along coast, modified by Северный Atlantic Current; colder interior with increased precipitation и colder summers; rainy year-round on запад coast
Оман dry desert; hot, humid along coast; hot, dry interior; strong southwest summer monsoon (May to September) in far юг
Тихий океан planetary air pressure systems и resultant wind patterns exhibit remarkable uniformity in the юг и восток; trade winds и westerly winds are well-developed patterns, modified by seasonal fluctuations; tropical циклоны (ураганы) may form юг Мексики from June to October и affect Мексика и Central America; continental influences cause climatic uniformity to be much less pronounced in the eastern и western regions at the same latitude in the Северный Тихий океан; the western Pacific is monsoonal - a rainy season occurs during the summer months, when moisture-laden winds blow from the ocean over the land, и a dry season during the winter months, when dry winds blow from the азиаты landmass back to the ocean; tropical циклоны (typhoons) may strike southeast и восток Азия from May to December
Пакистан mostly hot, dry desert; temperate in northwest; arctic in север
Палау tropical; hot и humid; wet season May to November
Панама tropical maritime; hot, humid, cloudy; prolonged rainy season (May to January), short dry season (January to May)
Папуа — Новая Гвинея tropical; northwest monsoon (December to March), southeast monsoon (May to October); slight seasonal temperature variation
Парасельские острова tropical
Парагвай subtropical to temperate; substantial rainfall in the eastern portions, becoming semiarid in the far запад
Перу varies from tropical in восток to dry desert in запад; temperate to frigid in Andes
Филиппины tropical marine; northeast monsoon (November to April); southwest monsoon (May to October)
Питкэрн: заморская территория Великобритании tropical; hot и humid; modified by southeast trade winds; rainy season (November to March)
Польша temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation; mild summers with frequent showers и thundershowers
Португалия maritime temperate; cool и rainy in север, warmer и drier in юг
Пуэрто-Рико tropical marine, mild; little seasonal temperature variation
Катар arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers
Румыния temperate; cold, cloudy winters with frequent snow и fog; sunny summers with frequent showers и thunderstorms
Россия ranges from steppes in the юг through humid continental in much of European Россия; subarctic in Siberia to tundra climate in the polar север; winters vary from cool along Черное море coast to frigid in Siberia; summers vary from warm in the steppes to cool along Arctic coast
Руанда temperate; two rainy seasons (February to April, November to January); mild in mountains with frost и snow possible
Сен-Бартельми tropical, with practically no variation in temperature; has two seasons (dry и humid)
Святой Елены остров Святой Елены остров: tropical marine; mild, tempered by trade winds
Ascension Island: tropical marine; mild, semi-arid
Tristan da Cunha: temperate marine; mild, tempered by trade winds (tends to be cooler than Святой Елены остров)
Сент-Китс и Невис tropical, tempered by constant sea breezes; little seasonal temperature variation; rainy season (May to November)
Сент-Люсия tropical, moderated by northeast trade winds; dry season January to April, rainy season May to August
Saint Martin temperature averages 80-85 degrees all year long; low humidity, gentle trade winds, brief, intense rain showers; July-Novemeber is the hurricane season
Сен-Пьер и Микелон: заморская территория Франции cold и wet, with much mist и fog; spring и autumn are windy
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины tropical; little seasonal temperature variation; rainy season (May to November)
Самоа tropical; rainy season (November to April), dry season (May to October)
Сан-Маринo Mediterranean; mild to cool winters; warm, sunny summers
Сан-Томе и Принсипи tropical; hot, humid; один rainy season (October to May)
Саудовская Аравия harsh, dry desert with great temperature extremes
Сенегал tropical; hot, humid; rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds; dry season (December to April) dominated by hot, dry, harmattan wind
Сербия in the север, continental climate (холодная зима и hot, humid summers with well distributed rainfall); in other parts, continental и Mediterranean climate (relatively холодная зима with heavy snowfall и hot, dry summers и autumns)
Сейшельские Острова tropical marine; humid; cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September); warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)
Сьерра-Леоне tropical; hot, humid; summer rainy season (May to December); winter dry season (December to April)
Сингапур tropical; hot, humid, rainy; two distinct monsoon seasons - Northeastern monsoon (December to March) и Юговосточная monsoon (June to September); inter-monsoon - frequent afternoon и early evening thunderstorms
Словакия temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters
Словения Mediterranean climate on the coast, continental climate with mild to жаркое лето и холодная зима in the plateaus и valleys to the восток
Соломоновы Острова tropical monsoon; few extremes of temperature и weather
Сомали principally desert; northeast monsoon (December to February), moderate temperatures in север и hot in юг; southwest monsoon (May to October), torrid in the север и hot in the юг, irregular rainfall, hot и humid periods (tangambili) between monsoons
Южно-Африканская Республика mostly semiarid; subtropical along восток coast; sunny days, cool nights
Южная Георгия и Южные Сандвичевы острова variable, with mostly westerly winds throughout the year interspersed with periods of calm; nearly all precipitation falls as snow
Южный океан sea temperatures vary from about 10 degrees Celsius to -2 degrees Celsius; cyclonic storms travel eastward around the continent и frequently are intense because of the temperature contrast between ice и open ocean; the ocean area from about latitude 40 юг to the Antarctic Circle has the strongest average winds found anywhere on Earth; in winter the ocean freezes outward to 65 degrees юг latitude in the Pacific sector и 55 degrees юг latitude in the Atlantic sector, lowering surface temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius; at some coastal points intense persistent drainage winds from the interior keep the shoreline ice-free throughout the winter
Испания temperate; clear, жаркое лето in interior, more moderate и cloudy along coast; cloudy, холодная зима in interior, partly cloudy и cool along coast
Острова Спратли tropical
Шри-Ланка tropical monsoon; northeast monsoon (December to March); southwest monsoon (June to October)
Судан tropical in юг; arid desert in север; rainy season varies by region (April to November)
Суринам tropical; moderated by trade winds
Свальбард arctic, tempered by warm Северный Atlantic Current; cool summers, холодная зима; Северный Atlantic Current flows along запад и север coasts of Spitsbergen, keeping water open и navigable most of the year
Свазиленд varies from tropical to near temperate
Швеция temperate in юг with cold, cloudy winters и cool, partly cloudy summers; subarctic in север
Швейцария temperate, but varies with altitude; cold, cloudy, rainy/snowy winters; cool to warm, cloudy, humid summers with occasional showers
Сирия mostly desert; hot, dry, sunny summers (June to August) и mild, rainy winters (December to February) along coast; cold weather with snow или sleet periodically in Damascus
Тайвань tropical; marine; rainy season during southwest monsoon (June to August); cloudiness is persistent и extensive all year
Таджикистан midlatitude continental, жаркое лето, mild winters; semiarid to polar in Pamir Mountains
Танзания varies from tropical along coast to temperate in highlands
Таиланд tropical; rainy, warm, cloudy southwest monsoon (mid-May to September); dry, cool northeast monsoon (November to mid-March); southern isthmus always hot и humid
Восточный Тимор tropical; hot, humid; distinct rainy и dry seasons
Того tropical; hot, humid in юг; semiarid in север
Токелау tropical; moderated by trade winds (April to November)
Тонга tropical; modified by trade winds; warm season (December to May), cool season (May to December)
Тринидад и Тобаго tropical; rainy season (June to December)
Тунис temperate in север with mild, rainy winters и hot, dry summers; desert in юг
Турция temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters; harsher in interior
Туркменистан subtropical desert
Тёркс и Кайкос tropical; marine; moderated by trade winds; sunny и relatively dry
Тувалу tropical; moderated by easterly trade winds (March to November); westerly gales и heavy rain (November to March)
Угадна tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August); semiarid in northeast
Украина temperate continental; Mediterranean only on the southern Crimean coast; precipitation disproportionately distributed, highest in запад и север, lesser in восток и southeast; winters vary from cool along the Черное море to cold farther inland; summers are warm across the greater part of the country, hot in the юг
Объединенные Арабские Эмираты desert; cooler in eastern mountains
Великобритания temperate; moderated by prevailing southwest winds over the Северный Atlantic Current; more than один-half of the days are overcast
США mostly temperate, but tropical in Hawaii и Florida, arctic in Alaska, semiarid in the great plains запад of the Mississippi River, и arid in the Great Basin of the southwest; low winter temperatures in the northwest are ameliorated occasionally in January и February by warm chinook winds from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains
Малые Тихоокеанские отдаленные острова Соединенных Штатов Baker, Howland, и Jarvis Islands: equatorial; scant rainfall, constant wind, burning sun
Johnston Atoll и Kingman Reef: tropical, but generally dry; consistent northeast trade winds with little seasonal temperature variation
Midway Islands: subtropical with cool, moist winters (December to February) и warm, dry summers (May to October); moderated by prevailing easterly winds; most of the 1,067 mm (42 in) of annual rainfall occurs during the winter
Palmyra Atoll: equatorial, hot; located within the low pressure area of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) where the northeast и southeast trade winds meet, it is extremely wet with between 4,000-5,000 mm (160-200 in) of rainfall each year
Уругвай warm temperate; freezing temperatures almost unknown
Узбекистан mostly midlatitude desert, long, жаркое лето, mild winters; semiarid grassland in восток
Вануату tropical; moderated by southeast trade winds from May to October; moderate rainfall from November to April; may be affected by циклоны from December to April
Венесуэлa tropical; hot, humid; more moderate in highlands
Вьетнам tropical in юг; monsoonal in север with hot, rainy season (May to September) и warm, dry season (October to March)
Виргинские Острова (Британские) subtropical, tempered by easterly trade winds, relatively low humidity, little seasonal temperature variation; rainy season September to November
Остров Уэйк tropical
Уоллис и Футуна tropical; hot, rainy season (November to April); cool, dry season (May to October); rains 2,500-3,000 mm per year (80% humidity); average temperature 26.6 degrees C
Западный берег Иордании temperate; temperature и precipitation vary with altitude, warm to жаркое лето, cool to mild winters
Западная Сахара hot, dry desert; rain is rare; cold offshore air currents produce fog и heavy dew
Мир a wide equatorial band of hot и humid tropical climates - bordered север и юг by subtropical temperate zones - that separate two large areas of cold и dry polar climates
Емен mostly desert; hot и humid along запад coast; temperate in western mountains affected by seasonal monsoon; extraordinarily hot, dry, harsh desert in восток
Замбия tropical; modified by altitude; rainy season (October to April)
Зимбабве tropical; moderated by altitude; rainy season (November to March)

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