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  Список стран- Terrain

Афганистан mostly rugged mountains; plains in север и southwest
Албания mostly mountains и hills; small plains along coast
Алжир mostly high plateau и desert; some mountains; narrow, discontinuous coastal plain
Американское Самоа five volcanic islands with rugged peaks и limited coastal plains, two coral atolls (Rose Island, Swains Island)
Андорра rugged mountains dissected by narrow valleys
Ангола narrow coastal plain rises abruptly to vast interior plateau
Ангилья flat и low-lying island of coral и limestone
Антарктика about 98% thick continental ice sheet и 2% barren rock, with average elevations between 2,000 и 4,000 метры; mountain ranges up to nearly 5,000 метры; ice-free coastal areas include parts of southern Victoria Land, Wilkes Land, the Antarctic Peninsula area, и parts of Ross Island on McMurdo Sound; glaciers form ice shelves along about half of the coastline, и floating ice shelves constitute 11% of the area of the continent
Антигуа и Барбуда mostly low-lying limestone и coral islands, with some higher volcanic areas
Артический океан central surface covered by a perennial drifting polar icepack that, on average, is about 3 метры thick, although pressure ridges may be three times that thickness; clockwise drift pattern in the Beaufort Gyral Stream, but nearly straight-line movement from the New Siberian Islands (Россия) to Дания Strait (between Гренландия и Исландия); the icepack is surrounded by open seas during the summer, but more than doubles in size during the winter и extends to the encircling landmasses; the ocean floor is about 50% continental shelf (highest percentage of any ocean) with the remainder a central basin interrupted by three submarine ridges (Alpha Cordillera, Nansen Cordillera, и Lomonosov Ridge)
Аргентина rich plains of the Pampas in northern half, flat to rolling plateau of Patagonia in юг, rugged Andes along western border
Армения Armenian Highland with mountains; little forest land; fast flowing rivers; good soil in Aras River valley
Аруба flat with a few hills; scant vegetation
Острова Ашмор и Картье low with sand и coral
Атлантический океан surface usually covered with sea ice in Labrador Sea, Дания Strait, и coastal portions of the Балтийское море from October to June; clockwise warm-water gyre (broad, circular system of currents) in the northern Atlantic, counterclockwise warm-water gyre in the southern Atlantic; the ocean floor is dominated by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a rugged север-юг centerline for the entire Atlantic basin
Австралия mostly low plateau with deserts; fertile plain in southeast
Австрия на западе и юг mostly mountains (Alps); along the eastern и northern margins mostly flat или gently sloping
Азербайджан large, flat Kur-Araz Ovaligi (Kura-Araks Lowland) (much of it below sea level) with Great Caucasus Mountains to the север, Qarabag Yaylasi (Karabakh Upland) in запад; Baku lies on Abseron Yasaqligi (Apsheron Peninsula) that juts into Caspian Sea
Багамские Острова, The long, flat coral formations with some low rounded hills
Бахрейн mostly low desert plain rising gently to low central escarpment
Бангладеш mostly flat alluvial plain; hilly in southeast
Барбадос relatively flat; rises gently to central highland region
Беларусь generally flat и contains much marshland
Бельгия flat coastal plains in northwest, central rolling hills, rugged mountains of Ardennes Forest in southeast
Белиз flat, swampy coastal plain; low mountains in юг
Бенин mostly flat to undulating plain; some hills и low mountains
Бермуды low hills separated by fertile depressions
Бутан mostly mountainous with some fertile valleys и savanna
Боливия rugged Andes Mountains with a highland plateau (Altiplano), hills, lowland plains of the Amazon Basin
Босния и Герцеговина mountains и valleys
Ботсвана predominantly flat to gently rolling tableland; Kalahari Desert in southwest
Остров Буве volcanic; coast is mostly inaccessible
Бразилия mostly flat to rolling lowlands in север; some plains, hills, mountains, и narrow coastal belt
Британская территория в Индийском океане flat и low (most areas do not exceed two метры in elevation)
Британские Виргинские острова coral islands relatively flat; volcanic islands steep, hilly
Бруней flat coastal plain rises to mountains in восток; hilly lowland in запад
Болгария mostly mountains with lowlands in север и southeast
Буркина Фасо mostly flat to dissected, undulating plains; hills in запад и southeast
Мьянма central lowlands ringed by steep, rugged highlands
Бурунди hilly и mountainous, dropping to a plateau in восток, some plains
Камбоджа mostly low, flat plains; mountains in southwest и север
Камерун diverse, with coastal plain in southwest, dissected plateau in center, mountains in запад, plains in север
Канада mostly plains with mountains in запад и lowlands in southeast
Кабо-Верде steep, rugged, rocky, volcanic
Каймановы Острoва low-lying limestone base surrounded by coral reefs
Центральноафриканская Республика vast, flat to rolling, monotonous plateau; scattered hills in northeast и southwest
Чад broad, arid plains in center, desert in север, mountains in northwest, lowlands in юг
Чили low coastal mountains; fertile central valley; rugged Andes in восток
Китай mostly mountains, high plateaus, deserts in запад; plains, deltas, и hills in восток
Рождества Остров steep cliffs along coast rise abruptly to central plateau
Клипертон, Остров coral atoll
Кокосовые Острова flat, low-lying coral atolls
Колумбия flat coastal lowlands, central highlands, high Andes Mountains, eastern lowland plains
Коморские Острова volcanic islands, interiors vary from steep mountains to low hills
Congo, Democratic Республика the vast central basin is a low-lying plateau; mountains in восток
Congo, Республика the coastal plain, southern basin, central plateau, northern basin
Острова Кука low coral atolls in север; volcanic, hilly islands in юг
Коралловые Острова sand и coral reefs и islands (или cays)
Коста-Рика coastal plains separated by rugged mountains including over 100 volcanic cones, of which several are major вулканы
Кот-д’Ивуар mostly flat to undulating plains; mountains in northwest
Хорватия geographically diverse; flat plains along Hungarian border, low mountains и highlands near Adriatic coastline и islands
Куба mostly flat to rolling plains, with rugged hills и mountains in the southeast
Кипр central plain with mountains to север и юг; scattered but significant plains along southern coast
Чешская республика Bohemia на западе consists of rolling plains, hills, и plateaus surrounded by low mountains; Moravia in the восток consists of very hilly country
Дания low и flat to gently rolling plains
Джибути coastal plain и plateau separated by central mountains
Доминика rugged mountains of volcanic origin
Доминиканская республика rugged highlands и mountains with fertile valleys interspersed
Эквадор coastal plain (costa), inter-Andean central highlands (sierra), и flat to rolling eastern jungle (oriente)
Египет vast desert plateau interrupted by Nile valley и delta
Сальвадор mostly mountains with narrow coastal belt и central plateau
Экваториальная Гвинея coastal plains rise to interior hills; islands are volcanic
Эритрея dominated by extension of Ethiopian север-юг trending highlands, descending on the восток to a coastal desert plain, on the northwest to hilly terrain и on the southwest to flat-to-rolling plains
Эстония marshy, lowlands; flat in the север, hilly in the юг
Эфиопия high plateau with central mountain range divided by Great Rift Valley
Европейское сообщество fairly flat along the Baltic и Atlantic coast; mountainous in the central и southern areas
Фолклендские ( Мальвинские) осторова rocky, hilly, mountainous with some boggy, undulating plains
Фарерские Острова rugged, rocky, some low peaks; cliffs along most of coast
Фиджи mostly mountains of volcanic origin
Финляндия mostly low, flat to rolling plains interspersed with lakes и low hills
Франция metropolitan Франция: mostly flat plains или gently rolling hills in север и запад; remainder is mountainous, especially Pyrenees in юг, Alps in восток
French Guiana: low-lying coastal plains rising to hills и small mountains
Guadeloupe: Basse-Terre is volcanic in origin with interior mountains; Grande-Terre is low limestone formation; most of the seven other islands are volcanic in origin
Martinique: mountainous with indented coastline; dormant volcano
Reunion: mostly rugged и mountainous; fertile lowlands along coast
Французская Полинезия mixture of rugged high islands и low islands with reefs
Французские Южные и Антарктические Территории Ile Amsterdam (Ile Amsterdam et Ile Saint-Paul): a volcanic island with steep coastal cliffs; the center floor of the volcano is a large plateau
Ile Saint-Paul (Ile Amsterdam et Ile Saint-Paul): triangular in shape, the island is the top of a volcano, rocky with steep cliffs on the eastern side; has active thermal springs
Iles Crozet: a large archipelago formed from the Crozet Plateau is divided into two groups of islands
Iles Kerguelen: the interior of the large island of Ile Kerguelen is composed of rugged terrain of high mountains, hills, valleys, и plains with a number of peninsulas stretching off its coasts
Bassas da Индия (Iles Eparses): atoll, awash at high tide; shallow (15 m) lagoon
Europa Island, Glorioso Islands, Juan de Nova Island: low, flat, и sandy
Tromelin Island (Iles Eparses): low, flat, sandy; likely volcanic seamount
Габон narrow coastal plain; hilly interior; savanna in восток и юг
Гамбия flood plain of the Gambia River flanked by some low hills
Сектор Газa flat to rolling, sand- и dune-covered coastal plain
Грузия largely mountainous with Great Caucasus Mountains in the север и Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the юг; Kolkhet'is Dablobi (Kolkhida Lowland) opens to the Черное море на западе; Mtkvari River Basin in the восток; good soils in river valley flood plains, foothills of Kolkhida Lowland
Германия lowlands in север, uplands in center, Bavarian Alps in юг
Гана mostly low plains with dissected plateau in юг-central area
Гибралтар: заморская территория Великобритании a narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock Гибралтара: заморской территории Великобритании
Греция mostly mountains with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas или chains of islands
Гренландия flat to gradually sloping icecap covers all but a narrow, mountainous, barren, rocky coast
Гренада volcanic in origin with central mountains
Гуам volcanic origin, surrounded by coral reefs; relatively flat coralline limestone plateau (source of most fresh water), with steep coastal cliffs и narrow coastal plains in север, low hills in center, mountains in юг
Гватемала mostly mountains with narrow coastal plains и rolling limestone plateau
Гернси: коронная земля Великобритании mostly level with low hills in southwest
Гвинея generally flat coastal plain, hilly to mountainous interior
Гвинея-Бисау mostly low coastal plain rising to savanna in восток
Гвиана mostly rolling highlands; low coastal plain; savanna in юг
Гаити mostly rough и mountainous
Острова Хэрда и МакДональда Heard Island - 80% ice-covered, bleak и mountainous, dominated by a large massif (Big Ben) и an active volcano (Mawson Peak); McDonald Islands - small и rocky
Ватикан urban; low hill
Гондурас mostly mountains in interior, narrow coastal plains
Гонконг hilly to mountainous with steep slopes; lowlands in север
Венгрия mostly flat to rolling plains; hills и low mountains on the Slovakian border
Исландия mostly plateau interspersed with mountain peaks, icefields; coast deeply indented by bays и fiords
Индия upland plain (Deccan Plateau) in юг, flat to rolling plain along the Ganges, deserts in запад, Himalayas in север
Индийский океан surface dominated by counterclockwise gyre (broad, circular system of currents) in the southern Индийский океан; unique reversal of surface currents in the northern Индийский океан; low atmospheric pressure over southwest Азия from hot, rising, summer air results in the southwest monsoon и southwest-to-northeast winds и currents, while high pressure over northern Азия from cold, falling, winter air results in the northeast monsoon и northeast-to-southwest winds и currents; ocean floor is dominated by the Mid-Индийский океан Ridge и subdivided by the Southeast Индийский океан Ridge, Southwest Индийский океан Ridge, и Ninetyeast Ridge
Индонeзия mostly coastal lowlands; larger islands have interior mountains
Иран rugged, mountainous rim; high, central basin with deserts, mountains; small, discontinuous plains along both coasts
Ирак mostly broad plains; reedy marshes along Iranian border in юг with large flooded areas; mountains along borders with Иран и Турция
Ирландия mostly level to rolling interior plain surrounded by rugged hills и low mountains; sea cliffs on запад coast
Остров Мэн hills in север и юг bisected by central valley
Израиль Negev desert in the юг; low coastal plain; central mountains; Иордания Rift Valley
Италия mostly rugged и mountainous; some plains, coastal lowlands
Ямайка mostly mountains, with narrow, discontinuous coastal plain
Ян-Майен volcanic island, partly covered by glaciers
Япония mostly rugged и mountainous
Джерси: коронная земля Великобритании gently rolling plain with low, rugged hills along север coast
Иордания mostly desert plateau in восток, highland area in запад; Great Rift Valley separates East и West Banks of the Иордания River
Казахстан extends from the Volga to the Altai Mountains и from the plains in western Siberia to oases и desert in Central Азия
Кения low plains rise to central highlands bisected by Great Rift Valley; fertile plateau in запад
Кирибати mostly low-lying coral atolls surrounded by extensive reefs
Северная Корея mostly hills и mountains separated by deep, narrow valleys; coastal plains wide in запад, discontinuous in восток
Южная Корея mostly hills и mountains; wide coastal plains in запад и юг
Косовo flat fluvial basin with an elevation of 400-700 m above sea level surrounded by several high mountain ranges with elevations of 2,000 to 2,500 m
Кювейт flat to slightly undulating desert plain
Киргизия peaks of Tien Shan и associated valleys и basins encompass entire nation
Лаоc mostly rugged mountains; some plains и plateaus
Латвия low plain
Ливан narrow coastal plain; El Beqaa (Bekaa Valley) separates Ливан и Anti-Ливан Mountains
Лесото mostly highland with plateaus, hills, и mountains
Либерия mostly flat to rolling coastal plains rising to rolling plateau и low mountains in northeast
Либия mostly barren, flat to undulating plains, plateaus, depressions
Лихтенштейн mostly mountainous (Alps) with Rhine Valley in western third
Литва lowland, many scattered small lakes, fertile soil
Люксембург mostly gently rolling uplands with broad, shallow valleys; uplands to slightly mountainous in the север; steep slope down to Moselle flood plain in the southeast
Macau generally flat
Македония mountainous territory covered with deep basins и valleys; three large lakes, each divided by a frontier line; country bisected by the Vardar River
Мадагаскар narrow coastal plain, high plateau и mountains in center
Малави narrow elongated plateau with rolling plains, rounded hills, some mountains
Малазия coastal plains rising to hills и mountains
Мальдивы flat, with белые sandy beaches
Мали mostly flat to rolling northern plains covered by sand; savanna in юг, rugged hills in northeast
Мальта mostly low, rocky, flat to dissected plains; many coastal cliffs
Маршалловы Острова low coral limestone и sand islands
Мавритания mostly barren, flat plains of the Sahara; some central hills
Маврикий small coastal plain rising to discontinuous mountains encircling central plateau
Майотта: заморская территория Франции generally undulating, with deep ravines и ancient volcanic peaks
Мексика high, rugged mountains; low coastal plains; high plateaus; desert
Микронезия islands vary geologically from high mountainous islands to low, coral atolls; volcanic outcroppings on Pohnpei, Kosrae, и Chuuk
Молдавия rolling steppe, gradual slope юг to Черное море
Монако hilly, rugged, rocky
Монголия vast semidesert и desert plains, grassy steppe, mountains in запад и southwest; Gobi Desert in юг-central
Монтенегро highly indented coastline with narrow coastal plain backed by rugged high limestone mountains и plateaus
Монтсеррат: заморская территория Великобритании volcanic island, mostly mountainous, with small coastal lowland
Мороккo northern coast и interior are mountainous with large areas of bordering plateaus, intermontane valleys, и rich coastal plains
Мозамбик mostly coastal lowlands, uplands in center, high plateaus in northwest, mountains in запад
Намибия mostly high plateau; Namib Desert along coast; Kalahari Desert in восток
Науру sandy beach rises to fertile ring around raised coral reefs with phosphate plateau in center
Остров Навасса raised coral и limestone plateau, flat to undulating; ringed by vertical белые cliffs (9 to 15 m high)
Непал Tarai или flat river plain of the Ganges in юг, central hill region, rugged Himalayas in север
Нидерланды mostly coastal lowland и reclaimed land (polders); some hills in southeast
Нидерландские Антильские о-ва generally hilly, volcanic interiors
Новая Каледония: заморская территория Франции coastal plains with interior mountains
Новая Зеландия predominately mountainous with some large coastal plains
Никарагуа extensive Atlantic coastal plains rising to central interior mountains; narrow Pacific coastal plain interrupted by вулканы
Нигер predominately desert plains и sand dunes; flat to rolling plains in юг; hills in север
Нигерия southern lowlands merge into central hills и plateaus; mountains in southeast, plains in север
Ниуэ steep limestone cliffs along coast, central plateau
Норфолк volcanic formation with mostly rolling plains
Северные Марианские острова southern islands are limestone with level terraces и fringing coral reefs; northern islands are volcanic
Норвегия glaciated; mostly high plateaus и rugged mountains broken by fertile valleys; small, scattered plains; coastline deeply indented by fjords; arctic tundra in север
Оман central desert plain, rugged mountains in север и юг
Тихий океан surface currents in the northern Pacific are dominated by a clockwise, warm-water gyre (broad circular system of currents) и in the southern Pacific by a counterclockwise, cool-water gyre; in the northern Pacific, sea ice forms in the Bering Sea и Sea of Okhotsk in winter; in the southern Pacific, sea ice from Антарктика reaches its northernmost extent in October; the ocean floor in the eastern Pacific is dominated by the East Pacific Rise, while the western Pacific is dissected by deep trenches, including the Mariana Trench, which is the world's deepest
Пакистан flat Indus plain in восток; mountains in север и northwest; Balochistan plateau in запад
Палау varying geologically from the high, mountainous main island of Babelthuap to low, coral islands usually fringed by large barrier reefs
Панама interior mostly steep, rugged mountains и dissected, upland plains; coastal areas largely plains и rolling hills
Папуа — Новая Гвинея mostly mountains with coastal lowlands и rolling foothills
Парасельские острова mostly low и flat
Парагвай grassy plains и wooded hills восток of Rio Парагвай; Gran Chaco region запад of Rio Парагвай mostly low, marshy plain near the river, и dry forest и thorny scrub elsewhere
Перу western coastal plain (costa), high и rugged Andes in center (sierra), eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin (selva)
Филиппины mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands
Питкэрн: заморская территория Великобритании rugged volcanic formation; rocky coastline with cliffs
Польша mostly flat plain; mountains along southern border
Португалия mountainous север of the Tagus River, rolling plains in юг
Пуэрто-Рико mostly mountains with coastal plain belt in север; mountains precipitous to sea on запад coast; sandy beaches along most coastal areas
Катар mostly flat и barren desert covered with loose sand и gravel
Румыния central Transylvanian Basin is separated from the Plain of Moldavia on the восток by the Carpathian Mountains и separated from the Walachian Plain on the юг by the Transylvanian Alps
Россия broad plain with low hills запад of Urals; vast coniferous forest и tundra in Siberia; uplands и mountains along southern border regions
Руанда mostly grassy uplands и hills; relief is mountainous with altitude declining from запад to восток
Сен-Бартельми hilly, almost completely surrounded by shallow-water reefs, with 20 beaches
Святой Елены остров the islands of this group result from volcanic activity associated with the Atlantic Mid-Ocean Ridge
Святой Елены остров: rugged, volcanic; small scattered plateaus и plains
Ascension: surface covered by lava flows и cinder cones of 44 dormant вулканы; ground rises to the восток
Tristan da Cunha: sheer cliffs line the coastline of the nearly circular island; the flanks of the central volcanic peak are deeply dissected; narrow coastal plain lies between The Peak и the coastal cliffs
Сент-Китс и Невис volcanic with mountainous interiors
Сент-Люсия volcanic и mountainous with some broad, fertile valleys
Сен-Пьер и Микелон: заморская территория Франции mostly barren rock
Сент-Винсент и Гренадины volcanic, mountainous
Самоа two main islands (Savaii, Upolu) и several smaller islands и uninhabited islets; narrow coastal plain with volcanic, rocky, rugged mountains in interior
Сан-Маринo rugged mountains
Сан-Томе и Принсипи volcanic, mountainous
Саудовская Аравия mostly uninhabited, sandy desert
Сенегал generally low, rolling, plains rising to foothills in southeast
Сербия extremely varied; to the север, rich fertile plains; to the восток, limestone ranges и basins; to the southeast, ancient mountains и hills
Сейшельские Острова Mahe Group is granitic, narrow coastal strip, rocky, hilly; others are coral, flat, elevated reefs
Сьерра-Леоне coastal belt of mangrove swamps, wooded hill country, upland plateau, mountains in восток
Сингапур lowland; gently undulating central plateau contains water catchment area и nature preserve
Словакия rugged mountains in the central и northern part и lowlands in the юг
Словения a short coastal strip on the Adriatic, an alpine mountain region adjacent to Италия и Австрия, mixed mountains и valleys with numerous rivers to the восток
Соломоновы Острова mostly rugged mountains with some low coral atolls
Сомали mostly flat to undulating plateau rising to hills in север
Южно-Африканская Республика vast interior plateau rimmed by rugged hills и narrow coastal plain
Южная Георгия и Южные Сандвичевы острова most of the islands, rising steeply from the sea, are rugged и mountainous; South Грузия is largely barren и has steep, glacier-covered mountains; the South Sandwich Islands are of volcanic origin with some active вулканы
Южный океан the Южный океан is deep, 4,000 to 5,000 m over most of its extent with only limited areas of shallow water; the Antarctic continental shelf is generally narrow и unusually deep, its edge lying at depths of 400 to 800 m (the global mean is 133 m); the Antarctic icepack grows from an average minimum of 2.6 миллионов кв. км. in March to about 18.8 миллионов кв. км. in September, better than a sixfold increase in area; the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (21,000 км in length) moves perpetually eastward; it is the world's largest ocean current, transporting 130 миллионов кубические метры of water per second - 100 times the flow of all the world's rivers
Испания large, flat to dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills; Pyrenees in север
Острова Спратли flat
Шри-Ланка mostly low, flat to rolling plain; mountains in юг-central interior
Судан generally flat, featureless plain; mountains in far юг, northeast и запад; desert dominates the север
Суринам mostly rolling hills; narrow coastal plain with swamps
Свальбард wild, rugged mountains; much of high land ice covered; запад coast clear of ice about один-half of the year; fjords along запад и север coasts
Свазиленд mostly mountains и hills; some moderately sloping plains
Швеция mostly flat или gently rolling lowlands; mountains in запад
Швейцария mostly mountains (Alps in юг, Jura in northwest) with a central plateau of rolling hills, plains, и large lakes
Сирия primarily semiarid и desert plateau; narrow coastal plain; mountains in запад
Тайвань eastern two-thirds mostly rugged mountains; flat to gently rolling plains in запад
Таджикистан Pamir и Alay Mountains dominate landscape; western Fergana Valley in север, Kofarnihon и Vakhsh Valleys in southwest
Танзания plains along coast; central plateau; highlands in север, юг
Таиланд central plain; Khorat Plateau in the восток; mountains elsewhere
Восточный Тимор mountainous
Того gently rolling savanna in север; central hills; southern plateau; low coastal plain with extensive lagoons и marshes
Токелау low-lying coral atolls enclosing large lagoons
Тонга most islands have limestone base formed from uplifted coral formation; others have limestone overlying volcanic base
Тринидад и Тобаго mostly plains with some hills и low mountains
Тунис mountains in север; hot, dry central plain; semiarid юг merges into the Sahara
Турция high central plateau (Anatolia); narrow coastal plain; several mountain ranges
Туркменистан flat-to-rolling sandy desert with dunes rising to mountains in the юг; low mountains along border with Иран; borders Caspian Sea in запад
Тёркс и Кайкос low, flat limestone; extensive marshes и mangrove swamps
Тувалу very low-lying и narrow coral atolls
Угадна mostly plateau with rim of mountains
Украина most Украины consists of fertile plains (steppes) и plateaus, mountains being found only на западе (the Carpathians), и in the Crimean Peninsula in the extreme юг
Объединенные Арабские Эмираты flat, barren coastal plain merging into rolling sand dunes of vast desert wasteland; mountains in восток
Великобритания mostly rugged hills и low mountains; level to rolling plains in восток и southeast
США vast central plain, mountains in запад, hills и low mountains in восток; rugged mountains и broad river valleys in Alaska; rugged, volcanic topography in Hawaii
Малые Тихоокеанские отдаленные острова Соединенных Штатов low и nearly level sandy coral islands with narrow fringing reefs that have developed at the top of submerged volcanic mountains, which in most cases rise steeply from the ocean floor
Уругвай mostly rolling plains и low hills; fertile coastal lowland
Узбекистан mostly flat-to-rolling sandy desert with dunes; broad, flat intensely irrigated river valleys along course of Amu Darya, Syr Darya (Sirdaryo), и Zarafshon; Fergana Valley in восток surrounded by mountainous Таджикистан и Киргизия; shrinking Aral Sea in запад
Вануату mostly mountainous islands of volcanic origin; narrow coastal plains
Венесуэлa Andes Mountains и Maracaibo Lowlands in northwest; central plains (llanos); Guiana Highlands in southeast
Вьетнам low, flat delta in юг и север; central highlands; hilly, mountainous in far север и northwest
Виргинские Острова (Британские) mostly hilly to rugged и mountainous with little level land
Остров Уэйк atoll of three low coral islands, Peale, Wake, и Wilkes, built up on an underwater volcano; central lagoon is former crater, islands are part of the rim
Уоллис и Футуна volcanic origin; low hills
Западный берег Иордании mostly rugged dissected upland, some vegetation in запад, but barren in восток
Западная Сахара mostly low, flat desert with large areas of rocky или sandy surfaces rising to small mountains in юг и northeast
Мир the greatest ocean depth is the Mariana Trench at 10,924 m in the Тихий океан
Емен narrow coastal plain backed by flat-topped hills и rugged mountains; dissected upland desert plains in center slope into the desert interior of the Arabian Peninsula
Замбия mostly high plateau with some hills и mountains
Зимбабве mostly high plateau with higher central plateau (high veld); mountains in восток

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